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Exciting things are always happening here at 1000 Eco Farms—check in to see what we’re up to!
1000EcoFarms is selected as one of the five finalists for AgPitch18!
1000EcoFarms has been selected as one of the five finalists for AgPitch - a business competition that seeks innovative ideas to enhance the agricultural community. AgPitch18 will take place on December 6th during 2018 Grow & Fortify’s Value-Added Agriculture Summit in Maryland.
1000EcoFarms is helping break barriers for direct farm-to-consumer sales
1000EcoFarms' mission since the company's founding was to help farmers sell directly to the consumers. Unfortunately, many obstacles exist for such sales, including some that are artificially created by inefficient federal laws and regulations. To help improve the situation, 1000EcoFarms with several partners is organizing A Taste of Small Farm America - an event on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC to connect small farmers and consumers with federal legislators.
1000EcoFarms and Seylou Bakery host a local food get-together
On February 7th, 1000EcoFarms and a new DC bakery Selou are bringing together local farmers, buying clubs, ag marketers and chefs to talk about local food, and how to make it more accessible. Join us!
1000EcoFarms Launches Partnership with FoodCoin
The 1000EcoFarms team is excited to announce a partnership with the new project - FoodCoin EcoSystem. FoodCoin, once launched, will be a blockchain-based cryptocurrency designed so that people in the real food movement have a resource that directly supports their networks. This secure and efficient token will be available to all members of our community and marketplace in the coming months.
A new era of food tech
Food for business, social responsibility, and charity.
Introducing Online Magazine for Food News, Farmer Interviews and More
1000EcoFarms is excited to announce the launch of an online magazine where people can come to learn more about the foods they eat, food news and policy, and even get to know local farmers, food-related businesses, and chefs.
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