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Learn more about the nourishing food items our local farmers produce, and get inspired to start cooking with them in your own home!
Know Your Food: Fresh Curry Leaves
Learn more about the wonderful powers of Curry Leaves! Utilizing them properly will allow you to prepare delicious meals while eating healthy at the same time.
Know your food: Soy
Soy is a complicated and thorny kind of food. Not for cooking, but for understanding its pros and cons. The dispute about its benefits and harms has not yet been resolved. Someone considers it is a perfect product, while the others refuse soy as food at all, like a poison. How to puzzle it out?
Know your food: Spinach
Very few people know how the phrase “green hand” sounds in Persian, while every adult and child actually know this word. This is how exactly the spinach means, and there is enough myths around it. Today we are going to find out what legends about the spinach are there, and which ones are actually true.
Know your food: White Tea
The white tea as a tradition was born in the age of ancient Chinese dynasties, when the tea culture was at its rise. The peasants had to pay tribute to the lords, and it would be fresh and smooth buds of the best tea trees.
Know your food: Pomelo
Pomelo is one of the biggest citric fruits. It uses to have numerous names, such as pampelmuse or even shaddock. One of these thick-skinned fruits can weigh up to 10 kg, and it is so nutritive and tasty have become legendary. First things first though.
Know your food: Goat Meat
The fashion in food, just as in clothes, is constantly changing. Over the last year we could see how the demand for vegan milk, smoothies and gluten-free products. This year, the experts promise us increased interest on the goat meat.
Know your food: Brussels sprouts
Brussels sprout is the best source of protein among all the vegetable crops. It is a true treasure trove full of vitamins, macronutrients and trace elements, which could help prevent many health issues, from obesity to heart diseases. However, little green cabbages still are not as popular as they deserve, possibly because Brussels sprouts recipes and cooking are not good enough.
Know your food: ginger
Have you ever seen ginger in bloom? The astonishing flowers like candles of light pink, orange or red color can decorate even a royal garden. However, the ginger became famous not by its flowers, but by the wealth it hides under the ground in its roots.
Know your food: Dried apples
Sweets are probably loved by everyone. But some people prefer candies, while others prefer cakes and pastries. We remember about the dried fruits at the very least. And in vain! Dried fruits are a useful alternative to sweets, marmalade and jam. Dried apricots, raisins and prunes most often appear on the shelves, but there are still some good old apples that you shouldn’t forget about.
Know your food: Arugula
Arucola (Erúca satíva), rocket salad - all these are the names of a herbaceous plant, known as arugula. This plant of the Cabbage family was once considered to be an exotic herb, despite the fact that it grows practically in every part of the world.
Know your food: Pea milk
Every day, new alternatives to traditional milk, rich in calcium and protein, appear. Let’s try to find out if pea milk can compete with it.
Know Your Food: A2 Milk
With the increasing popularity of “dairy-free” products, it’s evident that many people are looking for an alternative to regular cow’s milk, and more specifically the digestive issues that often come with it. Of these alternatives, A2 milk is one of the trendiest, popping up on grocery stores shelves everywhere. But what exactly is it, and is A2 milk really better for your health?
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