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Thank you so much for great products!
Absolutely amazing quality products!

I ordered beef marrow bones, pork spare ribs and duck eggs. The ribs were outstanding, it was like eating pork for the very first time. I don't know what they do to that cardboard they sell in stores.

The bones made a visibly collagen rich broth that was delicious and the eggs were spectacular.

I only wish I could order more often. I wouldn't hesitate to try any product from this farm.
Communication was fast and on point. I was amazed that they were able to ship to the west cost. The water buffalo milk was amazing.
I love buying products at Clark's Farm. Started with buying mostly beef, but now our family also buys greens, vegetables and other local products that become available. Definitely worth driving distance for me, and I appreciate the flexibility of the farm store being opened multiple days a week, even in winter!
AWESOME Transaction! Everything stays Frozen and well chilled. Easy to find just go around the back of the house through the alley and look for coolers up against the back yard. Enter through gate & don't forget to lock the gate back up.
Thanks!!! Fabulous Grass fed New York steaks and T- Bones to die for!!
Fantastic conversation with Farmer Hensing on the phone, easy pickup at her front gate. Intending to be a regular customer for future meat orders!
Liz's buying club has such amazing variety and the farmers and producers she sources from are top notch!! Her services are so vitally important to the health and well being of my patients as well!
Liz's store is phenomenal. Highly recommended!
Excellent source of sustainably-produced meat and dairy. My first purchase was picked up at a farm, but in the future I will be buying for delivery by mail since the farm is about an hour away. Farmer David has been a pleasure to buy from!
Liz, I do not recall ordering this salmon order, but I will take it. thanks, RB
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