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1000 Ecofarms

Fees calculation

What you get for free

Fees for standard exhibiting are not charged (exceptions are possible).
Adding images (up to 10 to the ad) with the possibility of increasing and zooming is performed free of charge when hosted on 1000 Ecofarms.

Additional feature fee

Fees for the use of additional parameters of ads with a fixed price.
Fees are charged for each click for each ad or for each category, if more than one category is selected. Thus, fees are collected for the fact of the transition to the page with your goods.

If you are using additional services or other services offered by 1000 Ecofarms or by the third party, the charges for these services can also be considered as fees. Depending on the type of service, these charges can be reflected on the seller's accounts as fees that can be written off from your registered payment facility for automatic payment.

Fees for each sale of goods and use of additional parameters of the announcement come into effect at the time of the sale or at the time of entry on the page of the goods to which additional functions are applied.
The amount of fees depends on the conditions effective at the time of sale of the goods and at the time of entry on the page of the goods to which additional functions are applied. If you select more than one category to place your ad, fees are charged for each product category and additional ad parameters.
Some additional options may not be available when using individual tools, and may not be displayed when working with certain sites, services, applications, and tools.

We offer our Sellers a credit system for the payment of their bills. All fees are accrued to the Seller's account in the system of 1000 Ecofarms. The seller can use all the opportunities of the 1000 Ecofarms system until his balance in the System comes to the level of -1000 RUB. (-25 USD). When the critical balance of -1000 Rub. (-25 USD) is reached, the Seller's account continues to be active, the System will notify the Seller that someone in interested in his goods and that the Seller receives messages, but the Seller will be able to see the content of messages only when the debt has been repaid.

Payment of fees does not mean that you are getting exclusive rights to use the web pages of 1000 Ecofarms. We can at our discretion and without the consent of the sellers or without paying any amounts to them, advertise third party ads (including links and pointers), as well as announcements of other sellers on any web pages of 1000Eco farms.
All prices are tied to US dollars, unless they are specified in a different currency.

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