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Highest quality milk from the highest quality people at Hensing Farm. Have never had better tasting milk. Jersey Cow milk is the best. Nothing but mad love and respect for Kelly and Rob Hensing!!!
I would like the ETHIOPIAN variety, please!
All of their rice is the best that Next Step Produce grows. In fact all their grains and produce, I won't buy from anywhere else.
The rice and everything is worth it, they are grown organically, are fresh, and the taste is superior to any, esp. being grown right here in Maryland, you know nothing bad has been added, I won't buy any other rice.
I am an interested buyer from Papua New Guinea Please assist me on how to order products all the way from Ghana... thanks.
If you've been searching for a review to convince you of interacting with or purchasing from Ms. Hensing's farm... this is it!

I am a 19 y/o young woman, treading through school, and living with her mother and siblings. As I have become more mindful of my health, I have grown into into eating fresher, local, and more organically sourced foods.

Despite being worried that this route of dietary discipline would result in my financial upheaval, my mind and heart have completely been changed by the affordability and quality that Ms. Hensing's farm provides.

All this... alongside her substantial and virtually instant customer service?

I mean-- WOW!

She's earned another loyal heart and family.

Thank you, Ms. Hensing!
Best celery we ever had, the leaves are wonderful as well
My brother 71 had a diabetic attack this year we were home when this happened his wife and sister.He was confused now he is on meds but I would like for him to try theses mango leaves thk u for everything you do.
These beans were very burnt. Had to throw away the whole bag.
Extraordinary produce grown by extraordinary farmers who are pioneers in restoring a diversity of grains and beans to small, local organic farms on the east coast. It is a great joy to visit the farm and now, to unseal a delivery bag on Tuesday mornings to breathe in the fresh scent of fennel and basil. The cabbage this growing season is outrageously good--wonderful in tacos, summer rolls and slaws!!!
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