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My kids' favorite by far!
more fat than meet - not like photo
Is this beef tallow ready to use or do I need to render it? Thank you!
The milk is delicious and makes very good yogurt and Kefir.
payment credit card or dd, wholesale price
Hi Gabrielle,
Please also include the following items not listed on your site:
- 3 bundles of buckwheat plants with both blooms and forming seed
- 1 lb of buckwheat in hull
- 1-2 bulbs of garlic
- 2 bunches of sage

Many thanks,
seling bulk order of Premium cocnut coir pith for Husk for Planting, Gardening, Potting Soil Substrate, Herbs
conact :shijope@gmail.com +5615064496
Very nice packaging. Milk was so good! I loved the product and im definitely ordering more
I just had the best tasting burger I have ever eaten- rmade from Hensing Farm ground beef. The quality is amazing. I am a customer for life!
Highest quality milk from the highest quality people at Hensing Farm. Have never had better tasting milk. Jersey Cow milk is the best. Nothing but mad love and respect for Kelly and Rob Hensing!!!
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