1000EcoFarms Premium Accounts

Sign-up for 1000EcoFarms Premium Account and get access to the following special features

Reduced fees (2.5% instead of 4.9%)
Remove other farmers' profiles and products from your pages on the site
Block display of your followers and those users that you follow from your public profile
Specify different prices for different groups of contacts (e.g., "wholesale buyers", "retail buyers", "favorite customers")
Access detailed statistics (You can view your profile visitors and what products interested them, with the possibility of contacting the visitors to offer a discount or promo code to your store. You can also view and analyze your sales by date, product category, and other criteria)
Access additional reports and labels for your orders
Bulk order and inventory management
Change (increase) total order amount by up to 80% (vs. 20% for regular users)
Receive preference when choosing custom address (URL) for your store (e.g., www.1000ecofarms/go/thebestfarm )
Generate custom invoices and receive customer payments for these invoices
bonusbonus Choose annual Premium plan and get free retractable banner with the stand ($150 value).
For more information about Premium Account features, please see our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us via email at info@1000ecofarms.com
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