Goat Meat May Become a New Food Trend

The fashion in food, just as in clothes, is constantly changing. Over the last year we could see how the demand for vegan milk, smoothies and gluten-free products. This year, the experts promise us increased interest on the goat meat.
Despite of the popularity of the goat chees and milk, their meat is still unclaimed. It is still quite a challenge to find it on the retail like beef or lamb. However, the taste, nutritive and dietetic properties the goat meat is second to none.
The situation may change radically this year. The Europeans were the first to focus on the senseless killing of the young goats. These animals are dying in vain just because they do not give milk to make cheese and dairy products out of it. Now, in order to minimize the losses of the entrepreneurs and farmers, the goat meat is given a chance to become one of most popular products.

The goat meat has numerous benefits compared to other red meats. It is more dietetic, rich in amino acids, minerals and unsaturated fats. In addition, the goat meat is hypoallergic, which makes it suitable for child nutrition.

Unlike the countries of Asia, South America and Africa, the consumption of the goat meat in U.S. and Europe is very low, though it can be used in the same way as other meats: boiling, cooking, baking, grilling, making sausages, preserves or deli meats.

The prejudice against the goat meat has appeared because it is rather tough, but it depends of several factors, like breed, age, feeding, and even the living conditions. However, these factors affect the quality of any other animal’s meat as well. For example, young lamb or veal is much softer and smoother than older lamb or beef.

Choosing a proper quality meat is quite simple. It must have a reddish color, but lighter than beef or lamb. Distinctive smell may indicate that the animal was not living in proper conditions. The meat has to recover its form after being slightly pressed.
Several fancy European restaurants are already offering goat meat in their menus, and food producers are creating new recipes. We also offer you to cook some delicious goat meat patties.

Before cooking, the meat should be put in marinade for an hour, or in water for several hours.

To make a marinade, you need: ¼ cups of white wine vinegar and 31/2 oz of white dry wine. Cut 1 pound of meat, pour marinade on it and put it into fridge. Then pass it through a wringer with 0.2 pounds of pork lard, 1 big onion, a bundle of greens (dill, parsley or cilantro) and 2 garlic cloves. Soak 3-4 pieces of bread in milk and pass it though a wringer with meat too. Add some salt, pepper and favorite seasoning.

It goes perfectly with the goat meat: cumin, oregano, thyme and coriander.

Mix the minced meat, form patties and fry them on a pan, or bake it during 30 minutes in an oven heated up to 356°F .
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