Dried apples: all about their benefits, use and production

Sweets are probably loved by everyone. But some people prefer candies, while others prefer cakes and pastries. We remember about the dried fruits at the very least. And in vain! Dried fruits are a useful alternative to sweets, marmalade and jam. Dried apricots, raisins and prunes most often appear on the shelves, but there are still some good old apples that you shouldn’t forget about.
Juicy apples, whose homeland is considered to be Central Asia, are used in different ways: people squeeze juice from them, make vinegar, bake, use as a filling for pies, add to meat, and thanks to pectin, apples are most often used for the production of marmalade.
When the year is good for apples, the mistresses are wondering what else to think of in order to find worthy use for their favorite fruits. So, if you get up before the choice - choose the drying. Drying is one of the oldest and most reliable food preservation methods. During the process, all moisture evaporates from the products, so the growth of bacteria, yeast and mold is excluded, but it is important to maintain a balance of humidity and temperature.

Before you start the process of drying, the fruit must be washed and dried. Then it is necessary to extract the core, and special knives will help you to do this. You can use them to cut the apples into beautiful rings. But if the aesthetic side is not the most important thing, then you can cut the fruit in any shape.

It is up to you to decide whether to peel the apples or not. After drying peeled fruits are softer and more tender. However, apple peel contains a large amount of nutrients and vitamins, so do not rush to "undress" the fruit.

If you want to make candied fruit from apples, soak sliced apples in a mixture of lemon and pineapple juices before drying.
Dried apples are an excellent source of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber. Soluble fiber helps to control blood sugar levels and to lower cholesterol levels. And insoluble fiber contribute to good digestion.

Antioxidants that protect the body from the effects of free radicals are also stored in dried apples together with vitamins and minerals. So, dried fruits still contain: beta-carotene, ascorbic acid, tocopherol, vitamins of group B and K.

Dried fruits can be used in different ways. So, dried fruits are often used instead of sweets for tea. They are added to morning porridge to brighten the taste. They become a bright addition when cooking muffins, bread and rolls. But they can be used not only in desserts. Try to stew chicken, turkey or duck with dried apples, add chopped fruit to a salad or vegetable stew. For good digestion, dried fruits are often added to compotes and tea.

And how do you use dried apples?
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