1000EcoFarms is helping break barriers for direct farm-to-consumer sales

1000EcoFarms' mission since the company's founding was to help farmers sell directly to the consumers. Unfortunately, many obstacles exist for such sales, including some that are artificially created by inefficient federal laws and regulations. To help improve the situation, 1000EcoFarms with several partners is organizing A Taste of Small Farm America - an event on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC to connect small farmers and consumers with federal legislators.
1000EcoFarms is helping break barriers for direct farm-to-consumer sales
A Taste of Small Farm America is a National Grassroots Lobby Day and Legislative Reception that will take place on September 26th, 2018. It's organized by Real Food Consumer Coalition, Organic Consumers Association with the support of Organic and Natural Association, 1000EcoFarms and several other partners. The goal of the event is to inform federal legislators about the issues faced by small sustainable farmers and to help consumers get easy access to safe and nutritional food they want from local sources. The event aims to bring the tastes and experiences of small farmers and food producers to Congress.

We hope that the users of our online platform – both farmers and consumers that care where their food comes from – will support and participate in this event. There are many ways to help, and you don’t need to be in Washington DC to take part! Here are some of the ways to support this effort:

- If you are able to be in Washington, DC in-person on September 26th, call and email your Congressional Representatives and Senators to request a meeting for the Farm-to-Family A Taste of Small Farm America grassroots lobby and advocacy day on Capitol Hill (please note that all meetings need to be scheduled and confirmed by September 20th). The instructions for the meeting are available on Real Food Consumer Coalition’s website.
- If you are not in the area on that day, phone appointments are also useful can show your representatives your support for the
- Send an email to your Congressional Representative and Senator on Wednesday, September 26th, asking them to support the PRIME Act;
- If you are unable to make it to the event in-person, but would like to support the efforts of the organizers, please consider making a donation;
- Subscribe to the newsletter to get updates of the future events and ongoing efforts of the Real Food Consumer Coalition to support small farmers working to restore natural ecosystems and ensure access to healthy, safe food for all!
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