Exciting Product Updates for Grassfed on the Hill!

Dear Grassfed on the Hill foodies--

Fall is upon us--this glorious season of spectacular colors, bright, cool air, and the delightful warmth of gentle soups.

For Grassfed on the Hill, this is a season of growth and gratitude--although every season is one of exceptional gratitude.

The past few months, I have been working extra hard to find the best possible products to share with you all. You are always welcome to pre-order and not wait for the deadline.


Oakham Farm Pork (Available monthly on the 3rd week of the month)

Oakham farm is a farm in Northern Virginia dedicated to reinvigorating that land as a small, sustainable farm. Alisa Johnson is a new farmer raising pastured pork on this farm she shares with her mother. She is raising a specialty, heritage breed of pig called Ossabaw pork. Ossabaw pork is known for its high fat content, with a particular emphasis on the taste and quality of the fat. This breed has an interesting history and role in ecosystems. Currently, the pork is pastured with full free range within the selected pastures. They are transitioning to organic which means the pigs get some conventional grain along with their acorns, walnuts, roots, and forage.
There are a select few of these pork products available to us. Several of these fatty cuts are large portions. This past summer, Alisa hosted a tasting event for Grassfed on the Hill members in anticipation of offering her products to the group. If you were lucky enough to attend that event, you will remember the spectacular flavor and texture of these pork cuts.

Beeswax Wraps (Available monthly on the 3rd week of the month)

If you are anything like me, you are always looking for ways to reduce plastic consumption. These organic cotton and beeswax wraps replace plastic wrap and sandwich bags in most cases. Wrap up cheeses or other leftovers using the stickiness of the wax to secure the wrap. As a bowl cover or sandwich wrap, it is works the same way--cover what you need to and use the warmth of your hand to soften the wax so it sticks to itself. These wraps are each handmade by a lady in PA. They come in different sizes and are priced accordingly.

Cod Liver Oil (Available as part of the November 15 delivery. Limited supply! If there is enough interest, I will carry these and other products from Organic 3 regularly)

Always in search of the best products myself, I am happy to offer what I find for others who are interested. I recently learned much more about Organic 3 and their specialty brand of fresh cod liver oil--Rosita. This company is dedicated to providing the highest quality supplements possible. (If there is enough interest in other products they carry, please let me know! I would be happy to carry more if there is demand)

That's all for now! Please hit reply with any questions, comments, or feedback! I always love hearing from you.

Grassfed on the Hill Purpose:
I believe that we have the right to nourish our families and ourselves by peacefully accessing the foods of our choice from the producers we choose. We have the right to pursue vibrant health by choosing the foods that are best for us. This is why I run this buying club and this is why I am thrilled to make these amazing foods available to you and your family.
Thank you for making Grassfed on the Hill your source for local foods!
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