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I would love to know the ingredients, as I am sensitive to corn products/derivatives. Are the ingredients organically sourced? Thank you.
AWESOME Transaction! Everything stays Frozen and well chilled. Easy to find just go around the back of the house through the alley and look for coolers up against the back yard. Enter through gate & don't forget to lock the gate back up.
Thanks!!! Fabulous Grass fed New York steaks and T- Bones to die for!!
Liz's buying club has such amazing variety and the farmers and producers she sources from are top notch!! Her services are so vitally important to the health and well being of my patients as well!
I ordered your micro greens for the first time last week and wow! What a wonderful treat! I'm ordering 5 this week. Thank you very much.
Bea Young
Annapolis, MD
Liz's store is phenomenal. Highly recommended!
Please, switch to the regular, rectangular egg cartons. The "circular" ones are not easily storable.
Love these colorful chicken eggs from Hensing Hilltop Acres farm.
I really like salmon from Wild for Salmon delivered by GOTH. The price is very reasonable, as compared even to the higher-end supermarkets, and quality is consistently high.
This chicken is excellent, we made broth out of it and also used it for grilling and baking. Always had very good results and tasty dishes. I am glad that there is an option to get specific parts our family prefers rather than just a whole chicken.
I love this rice! The favor and texture are wonderful. I use it for all rice dishes, including rice puddings. I get the 15-lb size and it keeps beautifully in the freezer.
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