Introducing Clark's Farm beef! An inspiring young farmer from Howard County joins Grassfed on the Hill

Introducing Clark's Farm in Howard County MD
Specializing in Grassfed Beef and chemical free produce!

Beef sticks back and the best beef jerky!

I had the pleasure of visiting this farm last week to see if they were compatible with the Grassfed on the Hill mission and standards.

I love history and great stories, so I was naturally captivated by Nora's description of the farm history. It was only recently that the mother-daughter team of Martha Clark and Nora Crist took over the entire farming and business operations to keep their family farm alive and honor their family's request to "never sell the land."

When Nora went off to college, as many young people do, she intended to pursue other endeavors, but was soon diagnosed with a debilitating chronic illness. She returned from the farm and, as she learned more and more about the benefits of grassfed beef, she changed her diet and farming practices and her health improved as a result. This cemented her in the direction for holistic farming practices and her deep commitment to producing nutrient dense food for others.

The spirited, 29-year old farmer is determined to make the farm work and continue to improve her health. I hope that we can give her a boost on her journey!

Here is more history of the farm over the many generations their family has managed that land:

While the petting farm is the farm's main source of income currently, they hope to balance that by increasing production of their angus, grassfed beef and providing that to local markets. They are excited to offer their beef to Grassfed on the Hill and they are a perfect fit for our group of conscientious, nutrition and socially/environmentally-minded, consumer base.

During my visit, I met part of their herd. The angus cows were in a separate field from the cattle because they are still calving and nursing their babies. I had my children along with me and, at one point, my son ran ahead and the entire herd of cows, babies and all, followed him along the fence line. It was adorable.

As we learned about the farm that day, the children visited the baby animals at the petting farm, they explored the colorful creations of the Enchanted Forest (that is an amazing story about this farm), and another great reason to visit this farm!

Nora and I are already brainstorming possibilities of having a farm picnic for the group. Until then, here is a photo tour of the farm. Be sure to check out all the great products they are offering and leave a note for the farmers if you order from them.

As the season progresses, they will have plenty of their amazing, chemical free produce available to us as well.

Please give Nora a wonderful welcome to being a Grassfed on the Hill producer.

Photos from my visit:
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