What's to please the pig? Prepare to celebrate New Year's Eve

Everybody knows how to celebrate New Year's Eve - and so you will spend it, so it is necessary to prepare with special care. The coming year will be marked by the Yellow Earth Pig, what her preferences are, let's find out.
The Year of the Dog is coming to an end. It's time to take stock, draw conclusions and move on. Although the New Year of the Eastern Calendar will only come into effect on February 5, we are already preparing for its coming.
The Year of the Pig has prepared its own surprises for each of us, but since the Pig represents financial well-being and family happiness, let us hope for the best. The main thing this year is to work hard, to be good-natured and joyful, not to give up and always look forward with optimism, for this pig will give you benefits. But the lazy and hypocrites will not have to sweat.

Where do you start your preparation? Of course with home decoration and gift shopping. Even if you celebrate in the proud loneliness, decorating the house is necessary. A pig loves luxury, fun and beauty. If you don't have a lot of money to decorate your home, buy the simplest Christmas lights: red, gold and green. Place your best tablecloth, napkins and Christmas decorations on the table. Make a composition of oranges, tangerines, conifers and candles to soak up the spirit of the holiday.

You should also think about what to put on the table on New Year's Eve. Pork crown, chops, ham or pork ribs are not suitable. In general, try to cook fish or poultry this year. Bake chicken, fish and vegetables, frosted duck or turkey. Bake potatoes, prepare rice or stuffed mushrooms. For dessert, bake a delicious Sicilian cassava, cinnabons or marble cake. Pear desserts, homemade truffles and panakota are also good.

Gifts for loved ones and friends this year should be something practical. Ask in advance what you want to get as a gift to those who care about you. Don't forget to hint about your wishes too.

Now, when it is decided how to decorate the house and what to prepare for the festive table, let's do the decorating of your loved ones. This year, women should shine (however, as always). Bright outfits and decorations are welcome. However, be careful, though the pig loves shine and luxury, does not tolerate absurdity, so combine everything competently. Wear the best jewelry, of course, suitable for the outfit. Even if you don't have smart clothes, you can always decorate yourself: tie a gold garland in the form of a bracelet on your hand, or add a bright accent to your hair.

Men should also pay attention to themselves pigs. If you're going to celebrate in a restaurant, wear your best suit in grey or brown tones. If you have a more relaxed atmosphere, wear a bright shirt or tie. Even colourful socks will do.

Now you know how to attract luck next year, what to cook and put on. Now go for food, gifts and dresses. Good luck!
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