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As a search criterion, you can use your postal code. Using the "Search" window on the map, avoid writing abbreviations (for example, moun., vil., t., reg., etc.). If you could not find the address of your farm on the map, find an approximate location, then double-click where it is located.
This field must be filled in as completely as possible, in order that your store is automatically displayed on the map in our Community. If the map can not locate the address you entered, it can be done manually by clicking on the "Select on the map" button below the address entry fields. After selecting the point of your store on the map, click "Save". After that, the coordinates of your store will be displayed on the map. If you have the opportunity to organize additional points for issuing your orders to other addresses, click the "Add an address" button under the address already entered. The more real sales points you specify, the more preferable it is for your customers, therefore, it is to increase their loyalty to your store.
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