Buying clubs

If checked, the seller guarantees that he is ready to sell his goods under the model of Buying Clubs.

Buying clubs (joint purchase, collective purchase) is the principle of organizing a purchase when several individuals are grouped together to purchase goods directly from a supplier or manufacturer at wholesale prices, or in another country, for example, through an online store or online auction.

The organizer of the purchase (private person or organization) becomes the intermediary between the supplier and the buyers. He is responsible for the selection of assortment, the search for suppliers, the collection of orders and payment from the participants of the purchase (buyers), the receipt of the goods and the transfer of it to the buyers.

To pay for the services of the organizer, the organizer's interest (organization fee) or a fee, usually amounting to 10-20% of the purchase price of the goods, is charged to the price of the goods. Depending on the type of purchase, payment can be made either at the organizer's own funds or at the expense of participants.
The participants of the purchase pay the cost of the goods, the organizational fee and the cost of delivery of the order..
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