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Frozen: Do frozen fruits contain vitamins?
Many people believe that frozen fruit can retain its beneficial properties and vitamins. However, others argue that products lose all benefit, becoming tasteless and useless in the frozen state. We decided to figure it out.
How important is breakfast?
Morning should not start with coffee! True, if you cannot refuse a cup of strong waking drink, do not forget that strong drinks require snacks. Proper breakfast is a guarantee of not only a good start to the day, but also health for many years.
Drinks and their effects on the body
Water is the basis of life. To prevent health problems, water balance should be kept, i.e. you should drink enough. It is not only about water, of course, but it should be considered that every drink has its own effect on human body.
Roasted couscous with vegetables
Couscous with vegetables is a tasty, easy and light dish. It can be served as trimming or as a simple meal. It is a great recipe for a family lunch or dinner because it delicious and healthy at the same time.
Chocolate cake with liquor
Today we present you an awesome chocolate cake with liquor recipe. The cake itself is incredibly tasty, but if you pour it with ganache, it will become just fantastic. You will love this cake especially if you are a chocolate fan. Don’t hesitate to cook it, you'll get a hurricane of taste.
Homemade focaccia recipe
Focaccia is a traditional Italian flatbread baked with wheat flour. It is considered the ancestor of pizza. In earlier times, the bread would be baked by the poor, but only salt and olive oil were used to fill it. Today’s version is full of flavors and tastes: dried herbs, olives, dried tomatoes, onions, cheese and even fruits. Today we present our tried and tested recipe.
Recipe: Custard buns
Try this easy-to-bake recipe for custard buns, they are delicious and take less than 30 minutes of prep time, and only 15 minutes in the oven.
What's to please the pig? Prepare to celebrate New Year's Eve
Everybody knows how to celebrate New Year's Eve - and so you will spend it, so it is necessary to prepare with special care. The coming year will be marked by the Yellow Earth Pig, what her preferences are, let's find out.
 Natural moisturizers for our skin in winter
In winter, our skin is most exposed to stress. Cold and temperature changes make it dry and lifeless. It is during winter months that our skin needs special care and protection. Usually we use cosmetic products to keep the skin toned. However, simple natural remedies can cope with this without any problems.
Pumpkin Cinnabons
Have you ever tried pumpkin cinnabons? We tried this recipe and we can recommend it!
Food by mood
What do you usually do when you feel mood swings? There are a lot of people who will answer – start to eat. Such a reaction is normal for our body. When we experience spiritual discomfort, we often start to eat everything that comes handy until we reach at least some satisfaction.
Why is it important to eat vegetables?
For lunch and for dinner, as a side dish and as an independent one. Vegetables form an integral part of our diet. We know from our childhood that they are incredibly useful. But the question arises: why should we include them in our daily diet? What is there in them that is not contained in other products? Do they contain anything that can not be found in other products?
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