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Sustainable Agriculture Conferences: Sciences and Communities on the Cutting Edge of Food
We at 1000 Ecofarms know how tumultuous these past couple years have been. Yet as the future gleams brighter than ever, we’re excited to present a plethora of exciting opportunities regarding Sustainable Agriculture that YOU can be a part of.

From the Chesapeake to the Sierra, there is no shortage of opportunities to learn about Sustainable Agriculture!
Virtual Conference Champions Cottage Food & Home-Based Food Entrepreneurs
The first Home-Based Food Entrepreneur National Conference supports cottage food entrepreneurs to succeed producing and selling baked goods, canned items, candy and more made from all-natural and locally sourced ingredients -- all from their home kitchens.
Is your Cinnamon Fake?
Cinnamon holds a special place in American cuisine. It's difficult to find a product that it hasn't been paired with, and it reigns as the undisputed king of spices for a third of the year as we prepare for the winter holidays.
ALDIM Starts Selling Promo-boxes on 1000ecofarms
ALDIM GmbH is a German producer of high-quality natural fruit preserves and canned vegetables. To introduce more customers to their products, ALDIM is starting to sell promotional 6-packs of their vegetables jars on 1000EcoFarms platform.
2018 National Farmers’ Market Week
It is National Farmers’ Market Week next week - in 2018 it falls between August 5th and August 11th. Here are 10 great reasons to do your shopping at the farmers’ market this week and every week!
Real meat meets its next challenge: "Clean" meat
“Clean” meat, otherwise known as “lab grown” meat, has been a hot topic this year. It has been touted as one potential solution to the problem of feeding a growing population in a more sustainable and humane manner. The current system for meat production, based largely on factory farming, is neither sustainable nor humane and no wonder many people around the world are looking for alternatives. Could "lab grown" meat be one of them?
Sustainable Agriculture Conferences: An Opportunity to Learn About and Create a Better Food System
It is that time of year again for sustainable agriculture conferences. Last year we wrote about a few exciting conferences including Future Harvest CASA’s Cultivate the Chesapeake Foodshed Conference, PASA’s Farming for the Future Conference and many others. This year there is again quite the lineup of educational and interesting conferences around the US. From Maryland to California, here are just a few examples.
Changes to USDA Organic certification revoke animal welfare protections
Do you purchase organic meat in hopes that it was more humanely treated? A recent ruling may now allow livestock certified as “USDA Organic” to be treated just as humanely (or inhumanely) as conventionally produced, potentially factory farmed, livestock.
Organic Sales Soar - But Is All Good Food Organic?
Organic sales continue to rise — along with the number of organic farms — indicating consumer demand for high quality food and transparency. But that doesn’t mean that all good food is labeled “organic”.
Citizens’ Petition to FDA could Dramatically Change What Local Foods We Can Find
As small farmers struggle to sell raw milk directly to consumers, a local food advocacy group is petitioning to the FDA to stop conducting aggressive raids against dairy farmers as long as they use the recommended product labeling.
Certified Organic Farm Count Continues to Grow in the United States
The USDA’s annual certified organic farm count shows once again that the industry is growing. Despite the growth, there are still significant obstacles that farmers face when transitioning to organic, and some that are not interested in getting certified at all.
Earth Day and Sustainable Food: 5 Ways to Do Your Part
Happy Earth Day! Celebrated every year on April 22nd since 1970, Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate, appreciate, and give back to the earth. Supporting sustainable food systems and making sustainable food choices is an important way to show Mother Nature how much you care this Earth Day.
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