Drinks and their effects on the body

Water is the basis of life. To prevent health problems, water balance should be kept, i.e. you should drink enough. It is not only about water, of course, but it should be considered that every drink has its own effect on human body.
Too much milk may cause stomach problems. It is not recommended for adults to consume more than one glass a day. Milk contains many different vitamins. It can provide you all vitamin A и B-group, and partially С and D. Goat milk is the healthiest one.

Milk desserts, light and nutritious milk breakfasts is the best thing you can treat yourself in the morning.
Source: pixabay.com/photos/drinks-alcohol-cocktails-alcoho

Source: pixabay.com/photos/drinks-alcohol-cocktails-alcoho

Tea and coffee give you freshness in the morning thanks to caffeine. However, lightening up this way will get you tired faster than normal.

Caffeine also affects iron, zinc and calcium assimilation.

The doctors and nutrition experts recommend to drink herbal and fruit tea instead of the black one. Similarly, adding sugar, lemon or milk is not recommended in order to keep its benefits.

Coffee may be harmful for people with heart and vascular problems, but it can help people with low arterial pressure. Coffee is not recommended for people who has problems with digestive tract and nervous system.

In winter and spring, when the deficit of vitamins is most notable, juices should be also considered. They help to keep most of the nutrients.

Fresh juices and juices with pulp have most benefits. Besides other nutrients, it keeps fiber and pectin substance which stimulate the bowels and promotes elimination of cholesterol from the body.

Mineral water should not be excessively consumed too, because the salts and other substances it contains may negatively affect the metabolism.
Source: pixabay.com/photos/cocktail-orange-passion-fruit-3

Source: pixabay.com/photos/cocktail-orange-passion-fruit-3

Sweet soda drinks are in fact mixes of sugar, citric acid and flavor additives. They damage the dental enamel and cause kidney diseases. Excess in sugar may cause problems with insulin production, ending up with diabetes.

Alcohol in low doses may be benefitable: a bit of vodka may save from hypothermia, while a glass of red wine during the meal has positive effect to the circulatory system. The most important thing is to consume alcohol responsibly.

Excessive consumption may damage liver and brain. The organism will lose its sensitivity to B vitamins (B1, В6, В12), necessary for cells to produce energy.

Besides the drinks themselves, it is essential how much and how often they are consumed. Chaotic and excessive drink worsens the digestion, overloads the circulatory system and kidneys and causes losses of valuable substances. Even if it is temporary, water overload has disruptive effect on the muscles, sometimes causing cramps.

Lack of water make you feel poorly, increases temperature, heart and breath rate, lowers productivity. Drink as much as your body needs, and be healthy!
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