Why is it called Spiritual Food?

The food: We are inspired by the belief that True Food nourishes the body and the human spirit.

The farmer: Rudolf Steiner who gave the impulse for Biodynamics said one has only to penetrate this material world to discover that it is indeed the spiritual world. The farmer, mediating between the realms of nature (mineral, plant, animal) and human is creating a new agriculture which supports more evolved forms of life.

The community: This CSA is sponsored by the School of Life, a yoga-centered spiritual community near downtown Bethesda. Members can participate by setting up on Wednesdays or bagging dry goods at home to get a good experience of behind-the-scenes in bringing this special food from farm to table. Members also may share recipe ideas, join the annual farm tour, attend events at the School of Life, or even volunteer at serving fresh-cooked, nutritious meals to the homeless of Washington DC.
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