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Free Range Eggs
Chicken eggs come from truly free range chickens -- several breeds of birds make for colorful eggs including light brown (pinkish), blue, white, and darker brown. The eggs are soy free and pastured. The chickens are free ranging and supplemented with certified organic corn and soy free feed from New Country Organics. Also available are delicious duck eggs from Mt. Hope Farm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and quail eggs from Buffalo Valley Pastures farm in Pennsylvania.
Pastured soy free chicken eggs. Multiple product options available: 2
$7.00 / dz - Large
$6.00 / dz - Pullet
Quail eggs
$7.00 / pc - 1 pack quail eggs. 18 eggs per pack.
$7.00 / pc - 1 pack quail eggs. 18 eggs per pack.
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