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More pics here All About Fresh was previously "Randi's Garden." Randi is a long time member of the community and avid gardener. She has been increasing her garden over the years and now has more than her family can use. She is giving back to the community by offering her excess to the Grassfed on the Hill community. Check out her amazing microgreens (with the intention of year-round production) and her spring/summer/fall garden. Everything she grows is with the utmost care and attention to organic production methods. All production is focused on nutrient density, quality and flavor.
Our name was chosen in honor of our forefathers of 12-20 generations ago who were farmers and artisan cheesemakers in the Bernese Oberland region of the Swiss Alps. Cheese lovers today still appreciate and enjoy the flavorful, good quality cheeses produced by the skilled artisan cheesemakers of the Alps. Their knowledge in agriculture and primitive farmstead cheese making practices gives them a cutting edge. This heritage is handed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years. Thus in late 2012 when we launched our creamery we chose to pay tribute to these humble farmers and progressive cheesmakers with our name. Hence, the name is born "Alpine Heritage Creamery". Here at Alpine Heritage Creamery we make hand-crafted artisanal cheese using only raw organic milk from 100% grass fed cows. The milk is regularly tested for bacteria to insure that it is of the utmost quality. The rest of the ingredients are simple - cultures, traditional rennet and salt. We are a second generation family run dairy farm with an onsite creamery. We produce and mature our own unique flavor and style of cheeses. This arrangement allows us to have full control of everything the cows eat, the milking process and then the making, maturing and selling of the cheese. Our cows diet consists only of organic grass, grass hay, and grass haylage. Also, a small supplement of minerals to balance their diet. They never eat grain, corn silage, or any soy products. We conscientiously remain GMO free. We refrain from the use of any form of antibiotics. We care about our cows and most likely as you read this they are happily grazing on their acres of lush green pastures at home on the farm! The herd is exclusively A2/A2 cows. The cows are part of the family here on the farm and we care for them as such. With each of them receiving a personal name name at birth, they quickly learn that life is enjoyable and there is so much to do in the lifetime of a cow. Ingredients in the cheeses are simple: Milk, cheese cultures, traditional rennet, and pure salt. We use organic seasonings for the flavored cheeses.
Dimitri Olive Oil is grown and produced in Greece on a small farm own and run by the Dimitri Giannakos Family. They have been farming this land for over 100 years where their grandfather planted the olive trees as a young man. The family picks, presses, bottles, and imports the olive oil. The result is pure first cold Pressed Unfiltered extra virgin. The family manages and participates in everything from the tree to the bottle. The trees are not sprayed. They lose a small percentage of production each year due to the "olive bug" but they find that a more attractive alternative than spraying. Organic chicken manure and neighbors' sheep grazing on the farm is what they use for fertilizer. The olives for the tapenades and olive mixes and the vinegars come from neighboring farms who have the same farming practices. The result: exquisite oils, olive mixes and vinegars
Dutch Meadows Farm is a certified organic farm (for the past 20 years) in the beautiful low hills of Paradise PA. They go way beyond the organic requirements, taking pride in farming holistically with nature, including protecting the environment and wildlife. Their name comes from the special Dutch Belted cow breed that they have. Dutch Belted are a heritage breed. They work to actively protect and conserve the breed's genetics. Dutch Meadows takes seriously their responsibility to support local and regional communities. Included in this, they are active participants in working to create laws and regulations favorable to small-scale family farmers. All the products from Dutch Meadows are grass fed, organically pastured, humanely raised and FREE FROM soy, artificial hormones, and antibiotics. While this is a multi-generational farm, it is currently mostly run by Ray and Fannie Mae Stoltzfus and Ray's brother Dave.
Chicken eggs come from truly free range chickens -- several breeds of birds make for colorful eggs including light brown (pinkish), blue, white, and darker brown. The eggs are soy free and pastured. The chickens are free ranging and supplemented with certified organic corn and soy free feed from New Country Organics. Also available are delicious duck eggs from Mt. Hope Farm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and quail eggs from Buffalo Valley Pastures farm in Pennsylvania.
Goot Essa Cheese began in 2001 with a group of Amish dairy farmers who worked together to produce high quality cheese with some of their milk. Our goal is to keep our families on the farm. Our cheese and other products are made with the same ingredients and intense care we provide for our own community. We have chosen to work our fields in the traditional way. Our farms are small, but each acre and animal is cared for with love and respect for the ways of nature. Ours are true family farms where each member of the family has chores and contributes to the good of the farm and the whole community. Our goal is to offer products made from the freshest, highest quality, all natural ingredients. We want you to experience food straight from the farm. We offer foods with real flavor, made by hand in small quantities, with individual attention that makes a purchase for your table or a gift for a friend so much more meaningful. In the German language, “Goot Essa” means “good food” or “good eating.” We hope our guests enjoy their meals, so we wish them “goot essa” before eating. It seems natural to name our group “Goot Essa” because we want you to share in our love of good, old-fashioned, country-style food. that’s our Story... -The Goot Essa Family
Tasty cheeses from local farmers in MD and PA. European style, including cow milk cheese and sheep milk cheese. They are creamy, rich in protein, and high in nutrients! Grass fed, organically pastured, humanely raised and FREE FROM soy, artificial hormones, and antibiotics. Check out all the different types of cheeses that are available from local farmers!
Milk and milk products are made from organically produced milk from fully grass fed cows. The raw milk is unpasteurized milk from Jersey Cows and sold as pet milk. All cows are tested for BLV and Johne’s disease. Milk is only from cows with A2/A2 genetics. All meats, dairy and eggs are pastured, GMO-Free and soy free. Yogurts are great for eating plain, with fruits or as a healthy add-on to your smoothies.
Natural Hope Herbals (NHH) is a place where rich herbal traditions of the past are coupled with current scientific knowledge to create quality herbal products. Our primary goal is to create safe and potent herbal products for your family’s health and vitality. NHH is located on an 80 acre certified organic farm in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, just east of the Appalachian Mountains. On a typical summer day one might find one of the farmers in the field planting, weeding, or harvesting vibrant fresh herbs and preparing them for the extraction process. Dedicated staff may be mixing, pressing, testing or bottling herbal extracts. QUALITY MATTERS. In addition to herbs grown on-farm, NHH partners with a variety of wild crafters, growers and suppliers, who provide some of the best quality herbs available. The quality of the finished product reflects the high quality of the fresh or dried herbs used. Because NHH cares about sustainability and conservation of the plants God has given us, they support the work of United Plant Savers and are careful in their use of At-Risk herbs. From herb to extract, products are made following current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) at NHH’s FDA inspected facility. High quality herbs, careful attention to detail, and many quality checkpoints from raw herb to final product ensures amazing herbal products that your family can use with confidence.
At Next Step Produce they believe in growing food in harmony with nature. Heinz, Gabrielle and their three daughters live and work on their certified organic vegetable and grain farm in Southern Maryland. Flours are freshly milled on site in small batches per order. These items are delivered MONTHLY to the regular drop sites. Products will be available to order a week ahead of the deadline. (Contact for more information and to join)
All organic, biodynamic and soy free chocolates! Pacari is recognized for producing some of the world's best chocolates. They have received international awards for quality and taste. It is established as a leader in the organic and biodynamic agricultural movement with noted emphasis on social responsibility in Ecuador. Pacari works by the hand of 3500 small scale organic cacao farmers, in a strong relationship defined by equality, justice and an overall love for the environment. All products are soy free.
Delicious pastured pork products with the best possible nutrition produced on local Maryland and Virginia farms through sustainable and humane farming practices. All pigs are fed with non-GMO grains and are raised on pasture. Pork products include pork belly, pig feet, pork chops( bone in pork chop / boneless pork chop / thin cut pork chop / thick cut pork chop), pork roast, pork shoulder roast, pork roll, pork shank, pork liver, breakfast sausage, pork kielbasa. Fresh pork smoked ham hock is good for slow cooking. In addition, pork leaf lard (rendered fat) is now on sale! Buy fresh and beyond organic pork at a great value and pick up at nearest location in Maryland or District of Columbia today!
Shepherds Manor Creamery produces artisan sheep cheese specializing in raw sheep's milk cheese. The farm is located in the beautiful countryside of Carroll County, Maryland. Sheep milk cheese is lactose issue friendly! Easier to digest than cows milk cheese, it is creamy, rich in protein, and high in nutrients. The farm and creamery are run by Colleen and Michael Histon. When they began this journey, they traveled to several sheep dairy farms and decided to embark on raising dairy sheep and producing farmstead sheep's milk cheese. They purchased lambs in Virginia and Wisconsin. Colleen is the main cheese maker. Farm tours are available as per their website. Other cheese options they make are available through Grassfed on the Hill upon request.
Humanely raised, grassfed, rose veal from Buffalo Valley Pastures. This veal is weaned right from milk to grass.
Wild for Salmon is a family owned fishery practicing sustainable fishing methods. The family spends a few months each year on their fishing boat in Alaska. They distribute their product from their store in PA. These items are delivered MONTHLY to the regular drop sites. Products will be available to order a week ahead of the deadline. (Contact for more information and to join)
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