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These baked goods are made with the finest local ingredients. For the Walnut Run baked goods, butter and other dairy comes directly from their farm to their on-site bakery. The crackers and other baked goods are made in small batches to ensure freshness and flavor. The crackers go wonderfully well with a wide assortment of cheeses.
The purpose of doing the bundle "boxes" is to give you all plenty of options for bulk meat so the farm can have certain sales and you can have lower prices. As you can imagine, the larger the bulk purchase, the more savings. Take advantage of these great values!
Chicken eggs come from truly free range chickens -- several breeds of birds make for colorful eggs including light brown (pinkish), blue, white, and darker brown. The eggs are soy free and pastured. The chickens are free ranging and supplemented with certified organic corn and soy free feed from New Country Organics. Also available are delicious duck eggs from Mt. Hope Farm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and quail eggs from Buffalo Valley Pastures farm in Pennsylvania.
Fresh produce from farms in PA, MD, DC, and VA. Produce is seasonal and all grown with organic practices. Look for your favorites year-round. We usually have something to offer whether it is indoor-grown microgreens or field grown tomatoes.
These are items we usually have that are perfect for holiday--or any occasion--gift giving. We work hard to provide sustainable, regenerative options for those who enjoy selecting gifts for loved ones. We hope you consider local producers when you have a gift-giving opportunity.
100% grass-fed and pastured beef products from local Maryland and Pennsylvania farms. The animals are naturally-raised through beyond organic and humane farming practices. Products include steaks, beef bones, beef fat, and burger patties, all GMO-free and soy-free. Get your delicious high-quality beef, and know that you're helping the environment by buying the products produced through regenerative agriculture techniques!
Tasty cheeses from local farmers in MD and PA. European style, including cow milk cheese and sheep milk cheese. They are creamy, rich in protein, and high in nutrients! Grass fed, organically pastured, humanely raised and FREE FROM soy, artificial hormones, and antibiotics. Check out all the different types of cheeses that are available from local farmers!
Milk and milk products are made from organically produced milk from fully grass fed cows. The raw milk is unpasteurized milk from Jersey Cows and sold as pet milk. All cows are tested for A2/A2 genetics. Yogurts are great for eating plain, with fruits or as a healthy add-on to your smoothies.
These truly free range chickens are raised out on pasture in floorless shelters that are moved each day to a fresh patch of grass. Homestead Harvest GMO-free and soy-free chicken feed is used to supplement grass and insects foraged by the birds. The feed is also tested for Glyphosate contamination. In addition to whole chickens, available parts include chicken breasts, legs, thighs, livers, feet, heads, hearts, wings and so on. Delicious, juicy chicken perfect for grilling, frying, or roasting. Get your fresh and beyond organic poultry today!
Delicious pastured pork products with the best possible nutrition produced on local Maryland and Pennsylvania farms through sustainable and humane farming practices. All pigs are fed with non-GMO grains and are raised on pasture. Pork products include pork belly, pig feet, pork chops( bone in pork chop / boneless pork chop / thin cut pork chop / thick cut pork chop), pork roast, pork shoulder roast, pork roll, pork shank, pork liver, breakfast sausage, pork kielbasa. Fresh pork smoked ham hock is good for slow cooking. In addition, pork leaf lard (rendered fat) is now on sale! Buy fresh and beyond organic pork at a great value and pick up at nearest location in Maryland or District of Columbia today!
Meat products produced and offered by Walnut Run Farm
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