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Local Lancaster County cheeses made from our 100% grass fed cow and water buffalo milk.
Pastured fertile eggs from free-range pasture-raised chicken, quails and ducks sustainably and humanly raised in Pennsylvania Dutch Country on our family farm. These eggs are non-GMO and soy free. If you are looking for healthy, tasty and organic eggs, they will be your best choice!
Grass fed beef raised humanely at our farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
The cows at Buffalo Valley Pastures are exclusively grassfed. They get a mix of hay and alfalfa in the winter. We test every cow for her genetics and offer a line of dairy that is creme de la creme being only A2. Guernsey cows are a heritage breed offering a milk that is high in fat, delicious and creamy. It's great for making cheese for those who like to as a hobby and perfect for drinking or pouring on your cereal. We are certified with the PA department of Agriculture and engage with thorough testing to keep offering you healthy, clean and safe raw milk within Pennsylvania.
All natural health and beauty products from Buffalo Valley Pastures farm.
Pure Amish Honey and all-natural maple syrup produced in Pennsylvania and New York.
Pork from Idaho pasture pigs raised on our Pennsylvania family farm fed with GMO free grains. Idaho pasture pigs (or IPP for short) is a pasture raised breed of pigs known for excellent, red marbled meat. This type pork has higher levels of vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids as compared to traditional pork. Our Pennsylvania family farm sells a variety of farm raised pasture raised pork products, including pork baby back ribs, pork boston butt, pasture raised pork chops (bone in pork chops/ boneless pork chops), pork tenderloin steak, pork shoulder steak, pork tongue, pork heart, pork kidney, pork bones, pork liver, pork ears, pork tail, pork fat and pork leaf lard. Buy fresh and beyond organic pasture raised pork products and have them shipped directly to your home today!
Find healthy and fresh chicken from our family farm in Pennsylvania! Chickens are truly free range, pasture raised. Their all natural foraged diet is supplemented with Non-GMO feed. Get your delicious, juicy chicken today! Whole chickens as well as chicken parts including legs, wings, breasts are available. And check out the delicious and healthy chicken pies, with all natural ingredients!
All turkeys at our Pennsylvania farm are raised beyond organic, without hormones or antibiotics. Their feed is supplemented with a soy-free ration that is all GMO-free. They are processed at the farm so you are guaranteed a fresh and healthy product. In addition to whole turkeys, available parts include thighs, breasts, drumsticks, plus ground turkey and turkey bones perfect for soups and broths! Get great turkeys at a great price before the Thanksgiving!
Traditional Amish recipes delivered to your doorstep! Made with all natural ingredients, most produced right here at our farm.
Greens, vegetables, herbs and other produce organically grown on our farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
Our tasty pork and water buffalo sausages are great for breakfast, summer barbecue or for your family's dinner. Processed at USDA-inspected facility and are ready to ship anywhere in the United States.
100% grass fed humanely-raised veal. Raised on pasture without hormones or antibiotics.
Water buffalo milk is a unique dairy product! it is prized by cooks and nutrional specicalists all over the world. While it tastes similar to cow milk, it has 58% more calcium, 40% more protein and more fat than cow milk. it also contains high levels of the natural antioxidant tocopherol and is rich in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), an Omega-6 fatty acid that has been found to have many health benefits. Our water buffalo milk comes from fully grassfed animals, that graze on our farm in Pennsyvania's Dutch country. Our farm is fully inspected and certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture to sell raw milk within Pennsylvania.
Water Buffalo is a specialty natural meat product. It is leaner than regular beef, yet richer and tastier. Similar to beef, water buffalo are a grazing animal. These are exclusively grass fed on our small sustainably-run Amish family farm in Southern PA. Treat water buffalo meat as you would any grassfed beef. Products include various steak cuts, bones that are perfect for soups and broths, ground water buffalo meat, sausages, and other products similar to regular beef. Get your high-quality, delicious, and unique water buffalo delicacies today!
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