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Pasture Raised Pork
Pork from Idaho pasture pigs raised on our Pennsylvania family farm fed with GMO free grains. Idaho pasture pigs (or IPP for short) is a pasture raised breed of pigs known for excellent, red marbled meat. This type pork has higher levels of vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids as compared to traditional pork. Our Pennsylvania family farm sells a variety of farm raised pasture raised pork products, including pork baby back ribs, pork boston butt, pasture raised pork chops (bone in pork chops/ boneless pork chops), pork tenderloin steak, pork shoulder steak, pork tongue, pork heart, pork kidney, pork bones, pork liver, pork ears, pork tail, pork fat and pork leaf lard. Buy fresh and beyond organic pasture raised pork products and have them shipped directly to your home today!
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