All orders will be placed on queue for our Monday/Tuesday harvest schedule.

We wanted to make sure all our customers are fully aware of the current delivery issues plaguing the postal & delivery services.
Challenges resulting from Covid, Civil unrest & the Holiday season have seriously effected postal service deliveries, expect delays.

We (Back2thebeginning Farm) have no control of USPS timeliness, hence, we cannot guarantee items arrival date or condition upon arrival.

Having said that,
On our end, all fresh produce is packaged and shipped USPS Priority with tracking promptly after morning harvest.
This helps to ensure your item arrives FRESH!
We only harvest & ship on Mondays & Tuesday helping to avoid an item sitting in the postal service over the weekend.

We hope this tidbit of info helps you understand the challenges we small farmers face in our attempt to share our fine bounty with you, and all our customers.

Best to you

Back2thebeginning Farm
Just an FYI for our customers:

Most all of our Farm fresh items are perishable ... so to assure quality of our products we' ll pick & pack them same day, then we send them on their way to you with our greenest of blessings.

Orders are generally held till Monday &/or Tuesday's to assure freshness. In our line of business "Freshness Counts"

If you need your item sooner, Let us know... Over night orders might be doable, and yes quite a bit more expensive shippers charges not ours. We'd be happy to look into it for you. Please note, this will incur additional shipping charges & handling fees.
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