Know Your Buying Club: Anji Sandage of 100% Natural Family

At first glance, Anji Sandage is an unlikely proponent of natural food. After all, her background as a web designer and software developer doesn't exactly position her as a warrior for healthy whole food. And it is even more remarkable that she doesn’t just seek out nourishing products for herself and her family, but also helps other people in her community gain access to fresh organic food at reasonable prices. She does that by organizing a food buying club in greater Salt Lake City area that offers members direct connections to local Utah farms and natural food producers. Read this interview with Anji to learn more.
Name: Anji Sandage
Food Buying Club: 100% Natural Family
Location: Salt Lake, Cache, Davis and Utah Counties, Utah
Products: Pastured Eggs, Dairy, Baked Goods, Herbal Teas, Condiments, etc.
Know Your Buying Club: Anji Sandage of 100% Natural Family
What is your favorite thing about 100% Natural Family?
I like being able to bring high quality products to people in my community in Taylorsville and beyond.

How did you get an idea to organize a food buying club?
I got into running a buying club after I became a chapter leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation in Salt Lake County. I wanted to do something to make harder to find healthy whole foods available to families around Salt Lake City area. It’s hard enough to raise a family on a regular grocery budget; and forget about trying to get fresh organic foods! Something needed to be done to change that and make those things available to the families with small children.

Why are buying clubs important to you?
It allows people to pool their resources to buy in larger quantities and get better prices. It also allows us to get fresh dairy products that would normally be out of reach if each person were to have to travel to buy them on their own.
Know Your Buying Club: Anji Sandage of 100% Natural Family
What do you think is the largest problem facing our food system today?
Cheap processed foods with a long shelf life are the biggest problem that we face – these counterfeits have replaced fresh healthy foods in the market, pushing farmers out of business and driving up the prices for healthier alternatives. The problems caused by these foods are both economic and heath related. Inflating the prices of healthy foods puts them farther and farther out of reach, while cheap foods bring with them many debilitating health conditions that cause the disease and mental illness that we are facing in our families and in our communities.

What do you want people to know about buying clubs?
If they can find a buying club in their area, get involved! Not only does it benefit the local economy, it’s a great way to make friends with likeminded people, reduce the strain on their pocketbook, and ensure better health for their children.

Know Your Buying Club: Anji Sandage of 100% Natural Family
If you weren't in this field, what would you be or what would you do instead?
Since I don’t do this full time, I am not really sure how to answer this – I am self employed currently with my own WordPress web development and design business. Working for myself allows me the time and flexibility to run the buying club as well as spend more time with my kids.

How do you satisfy your sweet tooth?
I really don’t have as much of a sweet tooth as I used to before I started eating whole foods several years ago – now most candy and sweet things are much too sweet for my liking and I prefer to eat fruit and occasionally some naturally sweetened treats.

To learn more about 100% Natural Family buying club and, if you live in Utah's Salt Lake, Cache, Davis or Utah counties, to sample a wide varierty of local, natural products that it offers, visit the club home page at 1000EcoFarms.

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