How to get rid of insomnia?

"Sleep is the best medicine" or "Sleep is better than any doctor" - these proverbs perfectly characterize the importance of a night rest. Unfortunately, not all people are serious about insomnia. And it is the cause of many diseases.
During the night rest, when we fall into a deep sleep, all our organs relax and we gain strength. When our sleep is not good enough or we do not sleep at all, fatigue accumulates, our immunity falls, and we become irritable and vulnerable. The first helpers in restoring a healthy sleep are herbal teas that have been used for centuries. Despite the fact that modern medicine has moved far ahead, herbal infusions remain an effective tool in the fight against insomnia. Let us try to figure out which of them should be paid attention to.


For many years, camomile was used as a natural sedative. It was used not only as an anti-inflammatory and antipyretic agent. It was also used to relieve irritability and anxiety, and to treat insomnia as well. The sedative effect is achieved due to an antioxidant called apigenin. It interacts with certain receptors in the brain and tends to sleep.

Camomile also helps to improve sleep quality. However, one cup is not enough. You should drink two cups of chamomile tea a day for two weeks.

Valerian is another herb that people have been using for centuries to cure nervousness, insomnia and headaches. Today this medicine has not lost its relevance. It helps to increase the level of the neurotransmitter called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). When we have enough of it in the body, we can get calm and deep sleep.

Taking infusion from the root of valerian for two or three weeks will help you get rid of insomnia, to fall asleep quickly and to improve the quality of sleep. And you will get all these benefits without any unpleasant consequences.


Aromatic lavender will also contribute to a healthy sleep. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans took baths with lavender! The inhabitants of the Mediterranean were the first to invent lavender tea, and today it is drunk all over the world.

Small purple buds are the raw material. This soothing drink will not only improve the quality of sleep, but will also reduce the heart rate.

Magnolia grows on Earth for about a hundred million years, so people started to use it a great while ago. Every part of it is used: bark, stems, flowers. Traditionally, it was used in Chinese medicine to treat colds, stress and discomfort in the abdominal cavity.

Today, its sedative properties are known throughout the world, and all thanks to a compound called hokionol. Its action is similar to the action of GABA on the brain, so it speeds up the process of falling asleep, improves the quality and the duration of sleep.

There are a lot of herbs that can fight insomnia. Before using them, you should consult your doctor, since sometimes they can only be used as an auxiliary. Do not underestimate insomnia or a bad sleep, since they can cause more trouble than you can imagine. Drink herbal tea, spend more time in the fresh air, do not eat too much at night, and your sleep will be deep and calm.
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