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Steel House Farm
Steel House Farm is a small family farm in Gerrardstown West Virginia. The diversified farm, with chickens started in 2010, is run by Tim and Genevieve Yates and their two children, Silas and Sadie. Sadie does a lot of the care for the chickens. After a short brooding period, they are raised out on pasture in floorless shelters that are moved each day to a fresh patch of grass. After 6 weeks they are moved twice a day. For the chicken feed, they use Homestead Harvest, locally grown and milled in Clear Spring Maryland. The feed is tested for both GMO and Glyphosate contamination. The corn and soybeans are tested separately by getting a random sample from the bins. The Glyphosate test is a test of a sample from a random bag of feed. The result is a delicious, juicy chicken perfect for grilling, frying, or roasting. The parts provide a great base for stock. (Feed labels and test results available upon request.)
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