Mango Fruit Farm Fresh ~ Unique varities ~ Simply delicious!

$45.00 / pc
1 - 5lb box
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Pre-orders being taken NOW!
& will be shipped out in the next few weeks.
Limited supply

Organic Farm Fresh
Exotic Mangoes
Varieties vary
Juicy & amazingly delicious!
5 lb box
Picked packed & shipped same day as harvest
We will notify you with tracking info once shipped out!

Exotic varieties, with fancy names & wonderful flavor. Lemon Zest, Coconut Cream, Nam Doc & even Peach Cobbler. Deliciously different.

*You will receive whatever happens to be in season & ripe at time of order!
Some varieties are quite large & heavy so quantity will vary.
Order is based on weight (5 lb) not quantity.

Monday & Tuesday Shipments only "for goodness sake”

* We can not guarantee condition upon arrival as weather & shipping may effect products arrival. We take all measures to send quality fruit in top condition. They are fresh cut when shipped out & in peak condition. The journey however, can be tough on them, understand this prior to your purchase.

We have no control of USPS timeliness, hense, we can not guarentee items arrival date or condition upon arrival. :(

Due to the nature of our products note, All sales or final. No refunds or exchanges.

All fruits & leaves are perishable unless purchased dried & should be consumed within a few days of arrival. Refrigeration is recommended!

USPS first class unless otherwise indicated. Insurance is not included in shipping & handling price.

Once item leaves our farm, It is out of our hands as to delivery date & condition. Priority available at additional cost to customer. Overnight shipping is NOT available.

Damage in transit issues (Photo required) Go to: USPS to file a claim. Submission by recipient

Farm Fresh

Davie, Broward County, Florida, 33325, United States of America
Back2thebeginning Farm
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