Mexican Sunflower Cuttings Un-rooted

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Fresh Mexican SunFlower Cuttings -
Easy, fast growing !
Fragrant lovely big blossoms
You will receive fresh cuttings about 5 inches long
Stripped of leaves

Clippings may be woody or green depending on stock
Leaves make great fertilizer ... Great for chop and drop !

Attracts Humming birds, Butterfly's, and pollinators.
May start in pots.
Fragrant Flowers!
Can grow 40 feet tall
May be trimmed at least once or twice a year

Here in Zone 10 , we simply stick a cutting in a pot or directly into the earth , give them a good drink of water & within a few weeks new grow is emerging.

General Directions:
To root your new clippings,
Dip-them briefly in water, for best results, place wet side in rooting solution or hormone
Do not soak!
Place them in good soil and set in low light till they get started.

Now just sit back & watch the wild life visit & enjoy the beautiful big fragrant blossoms!

Shipping can be kind of rough on living plants so please tend to your new cuttings ASAP
Happy Gardening!


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