Coconuts Fresh Organic ~ Picked packed and shipped direct to U

Coconuts Fresh Organic ~ Picked packed and shipped direct to U
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Davie, Florida
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Taste the Tropics Farm Fresh From Florida!
Delightful Tropical Coconuts
A full 7 Lb Box shipped direct to you from the Back2thebeginning farm.

Coconuts will be hulled prior to shipment as in photo.

Some many ways to enjoy...

Drill a hole & drink the vitamin rich water. *
Crack It open & eat the wonderful Flesh.
Grind the flesh if you like & make your own organic fresh coconut milk & or cream. *If you're up for it, you can even make your own coconut oil.

Try some today & remember, when it comes from the back2thebeginning farm, its always pesticide free.
Please Note...
Ships out on Mondays, Tuesdays only ~ Be mindful of Holidays.!

No guarantee on hardness, taste or weight of each individual fruits

Due to the nature of organically grown produce. Expect naturally occurring blemishes, variation in size, taste & color of fruit.
Perishable item consume within 3 days of arrival. Refrigeration is recommended.

*Orders are sometimes delayed while we wait for Mother Nature to do her thing. We'll let you know the status & expected "Due Date" ;)

* Do to the nature of our farm fresh products, please note all sales final, no returns/refunds.

Damaged in shipping sometimes occurs ~ please take photo's upon arrival & notify us in writing within 24 hours. All fruits are sent out USPS Priority with minimal insurance. In the unlikely event this should happen. All processing done by customer.

Farm Fresh

Nutrition Facts Amount per:
coconut water
Davie, Broward County, Florida, 33325, United States of America
Back2thebeginning Farm
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