Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm

Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm private limited is one of the leading agriculture company of Nepal based on high-value cash crops and medicinal herb product and livestock farming. The head office based in Shankharapur Municipality Suntol -06 Kathmandu the capital city and legally authorized to expand projects throughout Nepal either establishing branch offices or product based project sites. The agro products based company registered under Nepal government’s Company Act 2006, established in 2015 AD. Solely owned company with the registered number 142282/072/073 issued by the office of company register and permanent account number (PAN) 603726099. The principal motto of the company is “be a leading agro product company to enhance employment opportunity to remote Himalayan societies through cultivating native Soil for economic wellbeing, ethically sustainable liable”. The core objective of this company is to create employment and business opportunity to enhance the quality life to the general public either in the town or in the remote villages of Nepal through agro based product and that appeal socially equitable/practical, economically viable and environmentally bearable/protected initiatives. And in the long run, build a prosperous society allowing stable economy and self-reliance for each and every household in the remote villages of Nepal.
Vision: Commercialization of agro-based high-value products is the better alternative for sustainable economic development goal to people of hills and mountains in Nepal.

Mission: Cheer-up people to reach the common goal of economic well-being, create multiple business and employment opportunities promoting investment to cultivate high-value cash crops and medicinal herbs mainly in the hills and mountain regions of Nepal.

Goal: Accelerate locally the potential abilities outsourcing customized skills, knowledge, and technology, break out the ring of unemployment dilemma, commercializing high-value agro products, promoting remarkable investment and create significant economic development opportunity in hills and mountain regions of Nepal.

• Initiate and promote commercialization of high-value cash crops and medicinal herb products cultivating an extensive amount of lands to obtain the financial goal of the company.
• Inspire locals to cultivate high-value cash crops altering the subsistence-based agriculture system for higher economic growth.
• Cultivate the barren open lands of high Himalayan and hilly regions of Nepal to create business and employment opportunity locally.
• Protect land erosion, soil degradation and air pollution permitting chemical and pesticides free farming and forestations.
• Allow an organic agriculture practice using locally available farmyard and green manure.
• Provide social security to local people offering them multiple opportunities such as; employment, business, health care, quality education for the kids and workers/ farmers involved in the ventures.
• Supply residue-free/fresh products to consumers through specialty organic products, Organic supplies obeying Fair Trade principle.
The core objective of this company is to create agro-based business and employment opportunity to enhance the quality life for people either in the town or in the remote villages of Nepal. Each and every agriculture based activities embraces socially equitable/just, economically viable and environmentally bearable/protected. And ultimately build a prosperous society through the sustainable economic development plan for the people in the Himalayan and hilly regions of Nepal.

Product Base objectives:
• Agriculture and Horticulture: Totally organic based Cereal crops, Cash crops, herbals, foods and beverages; fruits, vegetables, spices, tea, coffee, cardamom, milk, butter etc.
• Live Stock Farming; Himalayan Yak, Cow, Buffalo, Pig, Goat, Chicken, Fish Ostrich etc.
• Collection, purification, modification and trading own products or products collected from other companies, individuals and groups.

Service Base objectives:
• Skills exchange program among concerned sectors such as locals, government, private sectors, NGOs/INGOs, and specialists.
• Involving in the social awareness campaign against negative impacts of pesticides and chemical fertilizer, environmental degradation. Organize Seminar, meetings, workshop locally, nationally/internationally. Broadcast or telecast the advertisement for social awareness.
• Incorporate people from particular regions to promote the agro-tourism where it is feasible.
• Moreover, this Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm (P) Ltd would initiate some particular vocational or personality development training program for socially, educationally and economically strengthening the disadvantaged people and societies.
• Facilitate to establish and promote cooperative funds in the societies hence encourage people to habituate for regular savings to eliminate economic challenges in the future.

Products and Services:
So far most of the Himalayan and hilly regions of Nepal have been pursuing just subsistence based more labor intensive farming system due to the complex geographical distributions. Only 18 percent of the total land is cultivable for agriculture in Nepal, distributed 23 percent in the Terai region, 37 percent in the hilly region and only 8.6 percent in the Himalayan region. Considering the ratio of allocated land area the greater portion is situated in the hilly region which is directly close to mountain region as well, where the level of productivity ever accounted poor in comparison to Terai, therefore, the people of hills and mountains have been less benefited cultivating their land for cereal crops depending on the conventional approach.

Lack of rotation crops, use of traditional tools, techniques, and practices people have been suffering from the unresolved limited revenue crisis since centuries in Nepal. In terms of the complex geographical distribution, the establishment of industries in Nepal is less potential except hydroelectricity, tourism, and agriculture. The major focus of this Himalayan Alpine Herbal and agriculture farm is to establish various agro-based ventures particularly based on sustainable economic development goals. Nepal is the potentially fertile zone for hydroelectricity, tourism, and agriculture, the geographical variation of Nepal is rich enough to establish those industries, but regarding the agriculture industry, it is only possible if you cultivate most the herbal and medicinal products along with livestock farming. The value of herbal and medicinal products is higher in comparison to those traditional cereal crops and livestock farming is potential in terms of the availability of wide-open pasture lands in the hills and mountains of Nepal as well.

The Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm private limited company would initiate the consistent market access for unique products of local people. But beforehand those prospective this company initiates to provide employment opportunity supporting local people with new skills, knowledge and technology locally. This company will establish various project sites in the Himalayan and hilly regions of Nepal and make the local people involve directly in the project whether they are skilled, semi-skilled or non-skilled. For the first phase of five years project period, the company will incorporate the entire efforts to sustain the long run products and business plans whereas; the first commercial income will be obtained normally in the third year from the first introduction of a new project.

Recently the company is going to launch three different projects such as; CARDAMOM farming in Bhojpur, SATUWA (Paris Polyphylla) cultivation in Mamerku Solukhumbu and KIWI and AVOCADO framing in Kathmandu. The first phase projects sites are determined to occupy altogether 2560 Square meters for CARDAMOM, 6690+12000 Square meters for SATUWA (Paris Polyphylla) and 4830 Square meters for KIWI and AVOCADO. In the long run, the company will incorporate all sort of investment from the local level to promote high-value cash crops, and medicinal herbs whereas; customizes the cereal crops as well. The aim of this company is not to make the people escape from the farming practices as before but gradually inspire them towards cash crops for their additional economic surplus embracing the cereal crop farming system through customizing methods instead of traditional way of practices. Eventually, the Himalayan Alpine Herbal and Agriculture Farm aims to establish a farmland in every village come together each household for additional surplus. The company will initiate to assess the feasibility of potential lands and regions for an overall farming plan, such as where the live stocks or the medicinal herbs’ production would be best. In terms of the technical recommendations, the company will place the suitable projects in appropriate locations obeying the locals’ concerns regarding socio-economic, environmental and political issues. This company aims to promote the multiple business opportunities for local people, such as incorporate the people to cultivate all barren lands abandoned since long years for high value cash crops and along with promote the agro-tourism and community-based tourism in and around the project sites or the villages of those fragile hilly and Himalayan regions promoting off beaten routes in the remote areas of hills.
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