Welcome, Farm Foodies.

This is a place to buy NonGMO food and as organic as possible. I have spent years being, talking, and visiting farmers. I find the very best foods (and local where possible), which gives us the highest nutrients per bite and less chemicals and metals found in conventional food. This immensly supports our bodies but it also supports the farmers who take care of the earth and the artisans who are extremely mindful of treating the earth, plants, and animals with care. These are the people we want to grow and be blessed.

I have met and talked with all of the producers and vet out the very best offerings available. These are the foods my family eats for a strong immune system. In Florida, many of our foods must be labeled for pet consumption only. When foods are cooked at high temperatures, it kills all the germs. However, it also kills the good, live parts of our foods, e.g., cultures, enzymes, good bacteria.

In my quest to help my family and orphans become stronger, this is the medicine we take alongside our amazing family doctors and practitioners.

Please expand the view and select "view all products" to see the products we find most beneficial. These are mindful products by small farmers and unfortunately NOT subsidized by the US government. It's hard work and certainly passion work. But it seems you either pay upfront with more expensive food or you pay on the backend with a lot of difficult indications and medical bills. We clearly choose preventative care where possible. :-)

My goal is two-fold in that 1.) I hope to support these farmers and producers who treat the land the way God intended and 2.) to use any overflow to support the orphans who get a lot of processed food in the homes I volunteer.

May you find true health and happiness.

Mandy Blume at Real Food Recovery (a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization)
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