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Cave Man Cream

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Tallow Skin Balm
Tallow Skin Balm
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Ingredients: 100% organic beef tallow, organic cold pressed olive oil, therapeutic grade sage essential oil.

This unique tallow skin care is the original lotion of our ancestors. Beef fat was used by our ancestors to soften and nourish their skin. The fat soluble vitamins A, D, K, and E found in the fat soak right in and start feeding your skin. Beef tallow matches our skins biology better than anything synthetic you’ll find in other products. I have numerous testimonies of people using Cave Man Cream whose rashes, dry skin, and eczema greatly improve.


Hi Melissa,
I have suffered from bouts of terrible eczema all over my body since I was a child. This last year has been a really killer (I’m 43). A few months ago I discovered your caveman cream at Lindy and Grundy. I have tried EVERYTHING on my skin and nothing has ever given me relief like your cream. I cannot thank you enough. I just bought the last three jars today, because I’m spending the holidays with my girlfriends family in upstate New York, so I’m pretty sure I’m gonna need to be covered from head to toe with this stuff! Thanks again!Happy holidays,
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I'm passionately dedicating to sourcing the highest quality ingredients for my products. All skin care products are handcrafted, organic, non-toxic, edible, self stable, and nourishing.

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