Comfrey Leaves Fresh Morning Harvested ~ USA Farm Direct

 Comfrey Leaves  Fresh Morning Harvested ~  USA Farm Direct
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Davie, Florida
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Chemical & Pesticide Free
Whole Fresh Comfrey Leaves
Size of leaves will vary.
We gather them as mother nature grows them

Weight upon arrival will of course vary due to loss of moisture... so be mindful.

Due to the nature of truely organic herbs please expect natural imperfection in leaves. You might even come across a worm hole or two. They naturally grown & that is perfectly is Natural...

If your looking for uniformity, Dont buy Organic. Buy conventional. Mother natures is always Unique & Diverse.
Sizes of leaves will vary.

Due to the nature of organically grown produce. Expect naturally occurring blemishes, variation in size, taste & color of fruit/leaves.

Be aware that the journey and temperature changes during shipment may have effects on fresh produce.
We'll cut them fresh, Wrap them in brown paper for freshness retention & send them out same day as Harvested.( Not day of order) Harvest days are typically Mondays & Tuesdays

Ready for use upon arrival or hang dry for future use.

Challenges resulting from protests and civil unrest in various parts of the U.S. has seriously effected postal service shipping, expect delays.
We have no control of USPS timeliness, hence, we cannot guarantee items arrival date or condition upon arrival.

* We can not guarantee condition upon arrival as weather & shipping may effect products arrival. We take all measures to send quality leaves in top condition. They are fresh cut when shipped out & in peak condition. The journey however, can be tough on them, understand this prior too your purchase.
Due to the nature of our products note, All sales or final. No refunds or exchanges.

May be rolled or folded for easier shipping.

These Fresh leaves require special care & priority shipping Shipping charges will vary depending on your location, overnight shipping may be necessary for best results.
Please inquire for details.

Leaves & Herbs

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Davie, Broward County, Florida, 33325, United States of America
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