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Why should I open a store?

If you're in the business of growing natural produce, creating natural products, or providing opportunities for agritourism then you have the option of creating a free online storefront on our platform. You will enjoy an unlimited number of product listings, a convenient map for buyers to find your store based on location, and have your items appear in our searchable list of products. Your shop could also be featured on the front page of the website, or on our extensive social media channels, all to make it easier for buyers to find your products. You will be able to reach more customers, and to spread the word about the products that you produce. We give you the platform to join the technological revolution!

Why should the seller take the delivery upon himself?

Delivery is the most sensitive link in the chain of online sales. The seller can specify several ways of delivery and transfer of the order to the Buyer.
Sellers who are ready to deliver their products directly to customers have an undoubted advantage over Sellers who have indicated self-delivery as the only way of delivery.
The seller can deliver the goods, having agreed with the Buyers on the details of the delivery independently, using postal services, courier services, as well as logistics companies for large bulk orders.

What is the button "Add announcement" for?

If you have created a store on our website, a button "Add announcement" will appear on your page. After clicking on this button, you will find the form for adding a new product to your store. The more products you add to your store, the more you describe them and the more vividly you design with numerous photos, the more attractive your store will be for future buyers.

How much does it cost to open a store at 1000ecofarms?

There are no fees to open a store on the site containing unlimited number of products. We only charge a small commission for sales completed through the platform.

Are there monthly payments for the content and service of the store in the system

You do not have to pay any fixed fees or monthly payments.

What commission does the "Seller" pay to

Our basic commission for casual sellers is 4.9%. The commission is lowered to 2.5% for high-volume sellers and Premium Account holders. Please contact us at if you anticipate a very high volume of sales.

Why do I need to add a photo of the goods?

There are several reasons why you need to add a photo to your products.
First, the more colorful and detailed photos of goods you place in your store, the more attractive they are to your future customers. Do not forget that 75% of people buy "with eyes".
Secondly, the search for products on our site is made in such a way that first of all buyers see the goods with a photo, and only then without photos. And most buyers make a choice from the list of the first 5-10 products. To stay at the top of the list of found goods, photos are required.
We draw your attention to the fact that the photos must be original and you must be their owner or have a confirmed right to place these photos on the Internet..

Why do I need to add a detailed description of the goods?

A detailed description is required for the Buyer to make the clearest idea of the goods that he plans to buy. A detailed description of the product or service, accompanied by original photos and quality certificates will increase the credibility both to your store and to you, as to the Seller.

How can I add a large number of goods to my store on quickly?

If you have a very large assortment of goods, you can use the bulk upload function. Please contact us at for additional assistance with bulk uploading of products to the site. There are no additional fees for utilizing bulk upload capabilities.

What are the Reviews in for?

On our site, a balanced system of mutual reviews has been created. After the transaction, the Seller and the Buyer can leave feedback on each other. And the Buyer can leave a response to both the Goods and the Seller. Thus, we are trying to create a transparent model of interaction, where a positive feedback is a criterion of quality and a recommendation to trust one or another Seller.

How can I leave a review?

You can leave a review after the transaction. When the transaction is closed, the Seller and the Buyer are notified of this and get a proposal to leave a feedback on each other. Leaving detailed and reasoned feedback, you create a reliable basis for the work of the whole community, in which there will be no place for casual or unscrupulous Sellers and Buyers.

Do I need to add to the description of goods veterinary certificates, certificates or other documents for their products?

The availability of certificates, certificates and other documents certifying the quality of goods or services, increase the level of confidence in the Seller. If you have such kind of documents, we recommend to place them on your page and on the product page in your store.

What are product categories? Why do I need to specify a category for goods?

The category of the product is a very important criterion for searching and displaying the search results on the map.When adding a new product, you should specify a category to make it easier for customers to find your store on the map and in the search results.The goods with the chosen category are given calorie and content values nutrients in 100 g of products.The goods that do not have a category are displayed at the very end of the list of search results.

What if the Buyer is not satisfied with my product?

If for any reason the Buyer remains dissatisfied with the goods, the Seller should use all the possibilities to correct the situation (replace the goods, give a discount for the current order or for future orders, offer free shipping, etc.).

For the Seller, a satisfied customer is the best way to promote his store. As a rule, satisfied customers do not stint on positive feedback, thus increasing the rating of the Seller and his store. A high rating attracts new customers. The more successful transactions the seller conducts through our service, the more feedback he receives and the higher his rating is.

How can I post information about myself?

In your personal profile there is a text field "About me" where users, both Sellers and Buyers, can leave the information about themselves and their professional skills, which they consider important and necessary, so that other visitors to the site can comfortably communicate with each other.

How can I post information about my store?

In your personal profile there is a section "Store", in which information about the store is stored and edited. In the "About the store" text box, you should enter detailed information about your store. The more detailed information you specify, the higher the level of confidence in your store.

How can I deliver the products to the buyer?

Delivery is the most sensitive link in the chain of online sales. The seller can specify several ways of delivery and transfer of the order to the Buyer.

The first one is self-delivery when the Buyer himself comes to the Seller and takes his order.
The second one is the delivery to the point of issue when the Seller delivers the order to the nearest to the Buyer point of delivery, and the Buyer himself takes his order at the issuing point specified by him.

The third one is the delivery by courier when the Seller or the Buyer uses a third party (couriers, delivery service or logistics company) to deliver the order.

Sellers who are ready to deliver thier products directly to customers have an undoubted advantage over Sellers who have indicated self-delivery as the only way of delivery.

How can I post information about my products?

When adding goods in the "Product Description" text box, you should give a detailed description of the product so that the Buyer has a complete understanding of the product, as well as an emotionally motivated desire to buy this product. The more information about the product, the more confidence it will have from future buyers.

How can I get the payment?

When registering a store, the Seller must specify the payment methods which the Buyer can use to pay for the goods (cash, transfer to the card, cash on delivery, payment to the courier, electronic purses, acceptance of payments to the settlement account when settling with legal entities, etc.). The more ways the Seller is ready to offer the Buyer, the more attractive his goods are.
The seller can describe detailed terms of payment on his page in the text field "About the store". Also payment details can be discussed individually in our chat room or using the contact information of the Buyer.

What do the different payment methods mean?

Since Sellers and Buyers can be in different parts of the country or even in different countries, we recommend to use different ways of payment. The most popular for small Sellers method of cash payment will be inconvenient for numerous City Buyers who do not have enough time to come and pay money on their own. At the same time, such Buyers would make a purchase without any problems paying with a bank card or making a transfer to the electronic wallet of the Seller. And legal entities, such as restaurants, cafes, shops should be able to pay from the settlement account of their company.

Whai is «Dispute»?

If the purchased and paid goods do not come to the Buyer within the specified time periods or the received goods do not correspond to the pre-sale description presented on the site, the Buyer has the right to open the Dispute. The Seller has 3 working days after the opening of the dispute to respond to the Buyer's claim.

If the Buyer could not resolve the disputable situation during communication with the Seller within 3 days, then he sends a letter to the e-mail: with the topic "Dispute", indicating the reason and request to intervene in the dispute, as a third party.

How to become the "Best" seller?

We are trying to create a fully balanced system in which all participants could comfortably communicate and make purchases and would be protected from accidental or dishonest participants. The system of Reviews and Ratings is designed to make an assessment of Sellers and Buyers transparent and understandable. Based on the results of the work, the Sellers will be evaluated according to numerous criteria and the best one will be awarded the "Best Seller" sign, with the placement of the corresponding icon on the Seller's page as an additional recommendation for the Buyers.
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