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Does the "Buyer" pay any commission for purchases in the system

Registered user of the site can use all the advantages of our service for the Buyers completely free of charge. The buyer does not pay any commission for the purchased goods or service.

Why do I need a Shopping cart on the site if I can't make payment using it?

The Shopping cart on the site is made as a convenient tool that allows you to select the goods you like and send it to the Seller for confirmation. In addition, the transactions conducted with the use of Shopping cart are proof of the fact of the transaction and in case of any problem situations, will open a dispute with the involvement of as a third party to resolve the disputed situation. In order not to include the commission of payment systems in the price of goods, we propose to pay orders directly to the Seller by all available methods of payment offered by them.

What are the Reviews in for?

On our site, a balanced system of mutual reviews has been created. After the transaction, the Seller and the Buyer can leave feedback on each other. And the Buyer can leave a response to both the Goods and the Seller. Thus, we are trying to create a transparent model of interaction, where a positive feedback is a criterion of quality and a recommendation to trust one or another Seller.

How can I leave a review?

You can leave a review after the transaction. When the transaction is closed, the Seller and the Buyer are notified of this and get a proposal to leave a feedback on each other. Leaving detailed and reasoned feedback, you create a reliable basis for the work of the whole community, in which there will be no place for casual or unscrupulous Sellers and Buyers.

Can I see veterinary certificates, certificates and other documents for products?

The presence of certificates and other documents certifying the quality of goods or services, indicate the professionalism of the Seller and compliance with the adopted regulations. As a rule, Sellers place copies of such documents on their page or on the product page to confirm the level of confidence.You can also request from the Seller certificates for this or that product, using the built-in chat.

How can I resolve the situation if I received a bad product?

If you are dissatisfied with the quality of the goods or you found a discrepancy between the ordered and delivered goods, first of all, you should contact the Seller with a claim. As a rule, Sellers try to react quickly and fix the current situation, because the risk of getting a negative feedback or even being disconnected from the system, forces them to accommodate with the Buyers. If the Buyer cannot solve the current problem himself, open the dispute by writing to our e-mail:, specifying the "Dispute" in the subject line. Provide the transaction number, a copy of the correspondence and the order in your letter.

What ways of delivery do you have?

Delivery is the most sensitive link in the chain of online sales. The seller can specify several ways of delivery and transfer of the order to the Buyer.

1. Pickup is when the Buyer himself comes to the Seller and takes his order.
2. Delivery to the point of issue, when the Seller delivers the order to the point of issue, and the Buyer himself takes his order at the issuing point specified by him.
3. Delivery by courier when the Sellers or the Buyers use a third party (couriers, delivery service or logistics company) to deliver the order.

What is the cost of delivery?

The cost of delivery depends on many factors (distance, weight, volume, the need to maintain a thermal regime). All questions about the cost of delivery should be discussed in detail with the seller.

How can I pay the order?

Each Seller on our website specifies the payment methods available for him. Since the payment is made directly from the Buyer to the Seller, bypassing the site, the Buyer needs to choose the most suitable payment method for himself or contact the Seller to negotiate an individual payment method

Are there any promotions and discounts?

Sellers have the opportunity to give discounts and hold promotions and sales of their goods. In personal correspondence you can ask the Seller for an additional discount.

What is "Buying club"?

"Buying club" is a way of buying products or services when several people join together to buy a batch of goods sufficient to obtain a wholesale price. the "Organizer of a buying club" opens and conducts the purchase

Who is the "Organizer of a Buyibg club"?

"Organizer of a Buying club" is an intermediary between the Farmer / Supplier and the Buyer. He deals with the selection of the assortment, the search for the Farmer, the collection of orders and payment from the participants of the purchase, the receipt of the goods and the transfer thereof to the Buyers.

What is the "Organizer interest"?

Organizer interest (org%) or fee is charged to the price of the goods to pay for the services of the organizer. It usually makes about 10-20% of the purchase price. Depending on the type of purchase, payment can occur either at the organizer's own funds or at the expense of participants. The participants of the purchase pay the cost of the goods, the organizational fee and the cost of delivery of the order.

How can I cancel the order?

The goods put in the Shopping cart are sent for agreement and confirmation to the Seller. Before the Seller has confirmed the order, you can cancel the order execution directly in your Cart. If the Seller has accepted your order for execution, you need to contact the Seller and reasonably ask for the cancellation of the order. We ask you to respect the work and time of the Sellers and not send orders that you do not plan to pay.

What is the «Address of the store»?

Each Seller / Store has one or more addresses where the Buyer can receive his order. All these addresses are indicated on our map. As a rule, Sellers indicate the schedule of the store, in order for the Buyer to choose the most convenient place and time for order picking.

How can I find the detailed product description?

When the Seller adds his goods to the store, he has the opportunity to give a detailed description of the goods in a separate text field. When you click on the product you like, a window with the information about this product opens. We draw your attention to the fact that the Seller is fully responsible for the completeness and reliability of the information on the product. You can always contact the Seller for the clarification or ask for additional information about the product you are interested in.

What kind of products are there on the site?

All products on our site belong to the Sellers who opened stores in the system As a rule, Sellers themselves are producers of the goods that they offer in their stores. Sellers try to describe their products, so that the Buyer has an understanding and desire to buy his goods. But you can always contact the Seller to get additional information about the origin of the goods in his store.

Who are the "Sellers" on the site?

Sellers are users of our site, who want to create their own store for free at In most cases, Sellers are farmers and food producers who want to get additional sales channels for their own products without intermediaries. We do not hide contacts of farmers and you can always contact Sellers to request additional information about them and their products.

Who is responsible for the quality of products sold on the site?

All products on the site belong to the Sellers who opened the store on Only the Sellers themselves are fully responsible for the goods sold on the site. Buyers should be guided by reviews and ratings, as well as remember the full responsibility of the Seller when selecting and ordering goods.

What is the difference between the products from farmers and the products in supermarkets?

Due to their small size, many farms use traditional "grandfather" methods of growing their products. Most farms completely reject the use of chemicals in favor of natural organic fertilizers and vitamins when growing their products.

Why are farm products more expensive?

Everything is relative. If you compare products grown by farmers with products grown and produced in industrial quantities, farm products will be a little more expensive. Due to the smaller volume of production, short-term storage, a lot of manual labor, as well as more care and care, farm products are slightly more expensive. But if you compare the prices of natural farm products on our website with prices in farmers' markets or in fashionable organic food stores, you will certainly see that the prices of our farmers are much lower and more profitable, since they do not have many expenses for renting commercial places, as well as considerable commissions of companies and intermediary stores.

Are all products sold by farmers organic?

Not all products produced by farmers can be considered organic. There are certain standards of organic products, and in different countries they can differ from each other.
Organic products (also Bioproducts) are products of agriculture and food industry, made without the use (or with less use) of synthetic pesticides, synthetic mineral fertilizers, growth regulators, artificial food additives, and without the use of genetically modified products (GMOs). In the processing and production of final products, refining, mineralization and other techniques that reduce the nutritional properties of the product, as well as the addition of artificial flavors, dyes (other than those specified in the relevant standards) are forbidden.
Organic products must have a corresponding certificate confirming that the product or farm meets the standards of organic farming or production.
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