Common Questions

What is

1000 EcoFarms is an online marketplace for natural food and other products. By joining us, you will gain access to a variety of locally grown produce at your fingertips. Find the products that you need, communicate with the sellers, make a purchase and share your opinions with other members of our community. And if the products you're looking for are not available nearby, you can always by them for delivery by mail from many sustainable farmers using our online platform!

And if you're a farmer or producer yourself, you can become a seller on our platform and enjoy direct access to thousands of buyers looking for fresh, quality natural products grown and produced with care and love. We make it easy to get started without monthly fees or other commitments!

Why do I need to register to use the site?

Registering at allows you to make full use of the site's features. Explore the profiles of the sellers, and create your own. Place orders and track your past orders. Chat with sellers and other buyers through the built in messenger. Save and organize your contacts for future purchases. Host your own blog to share and discuss news about the world of natural food.

How long does the registration take?

You can register by filling out a short form, or by using one of the existing social networking accounts (Facebook and Google Plus are currently supported).

How can I enter the site quickly?

You can enter the site using your login and password or by using one of the existing networking accounts.

What if I forgot my login to the site?

Your e-mai is usually your login. So try your email address as your login

What if I forgot my password to the site?

During the registration, the user gets a letter with information about the fact of registration on the site and the data to enter the site (login and password). You can try to find this letter in the Inbox of your email service. Or click "Forgot your password?", fill in the form and send it to us. You will receive a new temporary password, which you can then replace with your own one.

What is the difference between a Seller and a Buye at 1000EcoFarms?

Buyer - is any registered user at A Buyer can search through available products, contact a Seller through the built-in messenger, and view Seller's contact information. A Buyer can purchase products from any of our sellers, and leave feedback for Sellers and individual products.

- is a registered user that has created a free store at A Seller can add products for sale in the store. Sellers also have the ability to talk directly with their Buyers in order to discuss prices, shipping, and any other topics related to their store and product.

What is the button "Add Product For Sale" for?

If you have created a store on our website, a button "Add Product For Sale" will appear on your page. After clicking on this button, you will find the form for adding a new product to your store. The more products you add to your store, the more you describe them and the more vividly you design with numerous photos, the more attractive your store will be for future buyers.
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