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About Us

1000EcoFarms` mission is to create vibrant local networks to support the pillars of our communities - our farms. By supporting these farms, we cultivate the local ecology, grow the local economy and nourish our precious eco systems. We see a world where the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker are each honored and respected for their specialty and expertise. None of them would be possible without the farmer. 1000EcoFarms` brings the farmer and their products back to the center of the community. Find the products that you need, communicate with the sellers, make a purchase and share your opinions with other members of our community.

Selling natural products online is easy

We empower farmers and other producers to use the power of the Internet to reach new customers and maintain close relationships with existing buyers. Following a few easy steps, you can create an online store for free, with a description and pictures of your business and products.

We give you the platform to join the technological revolution

List your products for sale. Communicate with your buyers. Network with other producers. Use our powerful analytic tools to track sales and popularity of products.

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Get news and trends in the natural food community. Find out about specials. Get great recipes with seasonal ingredients.
And much more!

What will I get?

Open a free online storefront

Sell what you grow or make. If you are a farmer - sell the food that you grow on the farm, if you are a restaurant - sell prepared food, if you’re an artisan - sell your natural wares. Create your own online store in just three easy steps.

Know Your Customers

Talk to your buyers and arrange for sales using our built-in chat. Communicate with individual consumers, specific customer groups, or prospective customers via built-in blogging and publishing too.

Access Services For Farmers

Access a specialized marketplace of products for farmers and natural food producers. Gain access to a knowledge base of best practices in the natural food industry.

Promote your restaurant or catering

Create an additional sale channel by advertising your food preparation business on the site. Highlight seasonal specials and list your carryout menu for your customers.

Control your prices

Accept PayPal, credit card payments or arrange for direct payments from your buyers. Use built-in mechanisms for discounts and promo codes, allowing you to maintain your relationship with existing buyers and generate repeat sales. Provide different pricing and sale conditions to retail and wholesale channels.

Analyze and plan

Powerful tools let you track sales and popularity of your products to help you plan for future planting and production. Access detailed records of your sales, customers and inventory.

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