Do you have friends and neighbors that are interested in direct-from-farm fresh food delivered directly to your neighborhood?

Become an owner and administrator of a local food buying club and gain access to farm-direct pricing and selection.

  • Real Farmers
  • Community of food enthusiasts
  • Real Food
  • Fair Prices

About Us

1000EcoFarms is a modern convenient Internet platform used by multiple buying clubs to offers their members broad selection, access to fresh and hard-to-find products, convenient search and multiple payment options. We are providing direct personalized assistance to new club administrators to establish and run food buying clubs in their community. Our model will help you establish relationships with local sustainable farms and other trusted sustainable suppliers of meat, seafood, dairy, grains and other products across the country.

Starting a food buying club is easy

We will help you organize your friends, neighbors and like-minded people to make joint purchases of natural food and gain access to fairly priced, conveniently delivered orders.

Sell, analyze and plan

List your products for sale. Communicate with your buyers. Network with other producers. Use our powerful analytic tools to track sales and popularity of products.

Stay tuned!

Get news and trends in the natural food community. Find out about specials. Get great recipes with seasonal ingredients.
And much more!

What will I get?

Convenient Ordering Platform

We provide a set of easy-to-use tools that make it easy to manage inventory, communicate with club members, process orders, and manage product delivery.

Low Cost Service

You can get started using our platform completely free. We charge a low commission for sales completed through our service. And once your club grows further, a powerful set of additional functions and lower commissions are available.

Personalized Attention

We are only a phone call or email message away should you require help using our platform. And our staff will help you get started and guide you step-by-step to use powerful features available through our service.

Easy Member Communication

Communicate directly with club members and selected suppliers through our platform. Issue periodic updates to your members and followers about new products, sale specials, and other news about your buying club.

Flexible Commission Schedule

Club administrators can charge delivery and processing fees to offset the costs of running a buying club and to earn income. The fees you collect are flexible and can vary depending on a member standing, type of product, etc. We also provide ability to issue recurrent membership fees.

Extensive Promotional Tools

Issue promo codes and store credits to attract new club members and to reimburse members for services they may provide. We also provide extensive integration with social media platforms so that you can easier grow your club membership.

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