Are you looking for a healthy fresh alternative to supermarket shopping? Do you want direct control over the kind and quality of food that you eat? Interested in direct-from-farm product selection and pricing?

Consider joining a food buying club in your neighborhood!

  • Real Farmers
  • Real Food
  • Fair Prices

About Us

1000EcoFarms is a modern convenient Internet platform used by neighborhood food buying clubs to offer their members broad selection, access to fresh and hard-to-find products, convenient search and multiple payment options. Extensive product selection depends on an individual buying club and their relationship with local farmers and suppliers, but generally includes meat, seafood, dairy, produce, grains, and other fresh and nutritious foods.

Joining a neighborhood food buying club is easy

Club administrators will help with order fulfillment and delivery, and will work with club members on providing the best selection and pricing desired by your community.

Stay tuned!

Get news and trends in the natural food community. Find out about specials. Get great recipes with seasonal ingredients.
And much more!

What will I get?

Fresh natural food

Nourish your body and your family by getting access to fresh, naturally produced food from local family-owned farms.

Fair pricing

Gain access to direct-from-farmer pricing on a variety of products. Delivery and order processing charges kept small by minimizing overhead and working with dedicated club administrators.

Enthusiastic Community

Share your opinions about individual products with other buying club members. Receive periodic communication from club administrators about new products, specials, seasonal items, etc.

Local Pickup Locations

Purchases will be delivered to pickup locations in your neighborhood. If there are other like-minded neighbors interested in fresh local food, it’s easy to host a pickup location!

Quick Search and Ordering

Search products available from your buying club, or browse them using categories setup by administrators. And if you don't see products you're looking for - club administrators are available via built-in chat.

Convenient Payment Options

Club administrators will make available a variety of payment options, including PayPal, Credit Cards, etc.

Join us!

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