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Are you a young farmer? Your farm has suffered from a fire?
You need money for seed or animal feed?

If you are ready to accept donations of money, building materials, fodder or consulting, sign up to our website and your request for help will see other users of our platform. Most of them are caring people. And in the near future you will receive proposal for free support or for the future harvest or products.

About Us

1000ecofarms.com is a marketplace and community to connect producers and consumers of natural food.

We believe it is absolutely clear for everybody that farmers life is very difficult. And sometimes it is simply ungrateful.
Bad weather, animal and plant diseases, accidents and sometimes even envy become a cause of great losses, which can put an end to many years of work.
We invite all concerned people to support farmers and producers in their hard work. They will gladly accept any assistance like as money, building materials, tools, seeds or livestock, and perhaps professional consulting.
You can offer your help unselfishly or in order of future harvest and products.

Stay tuned!

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I am a farmer who needs help

Sign up and tell us about your problem. Specify what kind of assistance do you need Tell us about your acceptable terms. Sure, in the near future you will receive a proposal for free support of or in order of future harvest or products.

Support farmer

If you have an extra building materials, equipment, tools, seeds, which you can share with the farmer in order of the future harvest or production, or for free, please sign up on our website and give assist to farmer in need.

Donate money

If you want to provide targeted assistance to the farmer or to make a donation to charity organizations supporting farmers, sign up on our website.

Charity organizations

If you are an officially registered charity that has been supporting farmers, please contact us at: info@1000ecofarms.com
After authorization will be displayed on our interactive map to all interested parties.

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