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Thank you for your interest in our duck eggs and our farm! We are Caroline and Kristofer (Kris), founders of Mt. Hope Duck Eggs. We believe that interest in organic and pasture raised food is not a passing trend but is an important social movement that recognizes that food was not always tainted with harmful chemicals and grown on industrial farms. We are excited to be a contributor to a movement that insists that food be whole and free of harmful chemicals for our families in the present and future generations. We began eating organically back in 2005 to better our health. We’ve known for many years that toxic chemical like round up/glycosphate shouldn’t be used for food production (or for anything…period), but really began looking at food differently after the birth of our son. Our son’s health challenges have led us on a path and have driven us to look more closely at our food supply and we’ve used whole foods untreated with chemical to nourish and heal our son. We were forced to source food all over the country that would be safe for our son to eat and it was difficult to say the least! The idea of safe food was so important to us that we decided we wanted to help others find quality nourishing and healing foods. And so, we hatched a plan to start Mt. Hope Ducks on our family farm in Easton, MD. We raise our ducks on pasture that is planted with a certified organic blend or ryegrass, fescue, clover, millet, radish, buckwheat, peas, and turnips. Food for our ducks is supplemented with a custom organic feed that is milled monthly from Fresh Cut Organics in Salisbury, MD and is free from soy. Our ducks drink plenty of fresh water that is filtered through an Aquasana house filter and happily enjoy taking long baths in it too! Our custom-built duck coops feature solar fans to keep them cool in the summer and an ample supply of straw keep them warm in the winter and clean and cozy year-round! Compared with eggs from chickens, duck eggs are higher in Omega 3s, higher in beneficial cholesterol, higher in protein (by 3 grams), and higher in vitamin D. Duck eggs also have a higher albumen content, which makes them great for baking. Duck eggs are an easy way to add a healing element to any diet. Duck egg shells are considerably thicker than chicken eggs and as such, duck eggs can last refrigerated up to 6 weeks past the labeled sell by date. Farmer Caroline is also a Licensed Acupuncturist.
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