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Rules of the Service

Using the service "" (hereinafter referred to as the Service), the User agrees with these Terms and with the User Agreement . The relation of to personal information of users is regulated by Privacy Policy .

Rules for rating and writing reviews:

Any authorized user can leave feedback about stores and products posted on the site You can authorize by receiving an invitation from an already registered user of the Service, or by requesting an invitation on the Service's website or through a social network. The feedback left by unauthorized users is not saved when the browser is closed;

Only the registered user who is in the process of Purchasing with the Seller, the Purchase organizer or the Point of Issue can give feedback to the stores and goods when using the Service;

Reviews and ratings left by authorized users can be published on third-party sites, i.e. they will be available to other users; at the same time, only one review (one estimate) for one particular Purchase can be published on behalf of one user for each store or product, except for the case when the review was marked as «problem solved»

If the user chose the item "publish a review on my behalf", his full name indicated in the account on the Service will be published with his response.
If the profile of a user on the social network is linked to his account on the Service, an image from the page of his profile (avatar) and links to user profiles on social networks will be published together with his response.
Users can edit and delete their ratings and reviews.

The User agrees that his reviews and evaluations may be published and used by the Service for his other services, as well as provided by the Service for publication and use by third parties, without the user's additional consent. In this case, the reviews are published and used with preservation of the author's grammar and punctuation, under the user's login, used by him during authorization. The user is responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in the feedback he has left.

The Service has the right to select feedback for publication without notice to users, including:

not to publish reviews whose content does not relate to the subject matter of the work of the Seller or the Point of issue and the implementation of purchases therein;

not to publish reviews about products, the content of which does not relate to the actual experience of using this product;

not to publish reviews that do not contain useful information for other users;

not to publish reviews that contain profanity and insulting language;

not to publish reviews that contain links to other websites;

to delete published reviews at any time;

to determine the period during which the reviews are considered relevant and for which they are published in the framework of the Service;

The Service assumes no obligation to notify the user (s) about the reasons for rejecting the publication and / or removing previously published reviews and ratings.

The user can store the goods in the lists and write text notes to them.

Lists of unregistered users are temporary and are not saved when the browser is closed.
Copying the goods to the list "Favorites" automatically publishes the product and comments to it. The user agrees that by adding the item to "Favorites", he makes it available to all other users.

The user agrees to receive the Service's mailing concerning responses from stores to his reviews.

Purchase terms
A database of information concerning goods and services intended for potential buyers / consumers of goods / services is available for the Users.

Information about the goods / services provided on the Service is based on information provided by the sellers.

For certain product offers on the Service, users are given the opportunity to place an order for goods (services) in the seller's stores, and, provided that the user is an authorized user of the Service and agrees to the terms, their advance payment directly on the Service. Making an order for goods / services on the Service, the User agrees with the terms and conditions set forth in the document "Terms of ordering and payment for goods on the Service"" which is an integral part of these Rules and is published in free access on the Internet.

The Service can change the text of these Rules at any time without notice to the user. These changes come into force from the moment of publication. The current text of these Rules is located at: / rules

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